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Jesus’ Parents, at the Temple

Dan Bright


Sunday 14th July, 6:30 service, Dan Bright.

As a young boy, Jesus was taken to the temple in Jerusalem, at Passover. It was on their way back that they realised Jesus wasn’t with them, but still at the temple. He was found listening to the teachers and asking questions. People were “amazed” at his understanding and questions. Jesus tells his parents he had to be in his Father’s house, pointing to his identity and ministry. Jesus was one with God, and prioritised his relationship with his heavenly father.

Each of us is invited into this story – to be lost and then to be found by a loving God who isn’t hiding, but just needs to be sought after.

Running the Race

David Walker


Sunday 7th July, 10:30 service (One Family Sunday), Running the Race.

Hear from David Walker on his last Sunday as vicar of Greyfriars & New Hope Church, as he preaches from Hebrews 12:1-3, reminding us to keep running the race.

We gathered as one family of 4 congregations at one service on Sunday 7th July, to celebrate the Walkers as they step out in faith to pastures new.

What do you want to do?

David Walker


Sunday 30th June, 9:30 service, David Walker.

This passage takes a couple of reads to get your head round it! How often do we find ourselves doing things we don’t want to do? We want to do good, but more often than not we look back on our actions and realise that we didn’t do the good we wanted.

Paul here addresses the tension of what we often feel: that we might delight in God and love Him in our inner beings, but we are often drawn to sin in our own natures. But he gives us the reminder of verse 25 saying that Jesus has delivered us from sin once and for all in His mercy. This passage is a comfort to us trying to live Kingdom lives, as it serves as a reminder that all struggle with sin, but all have been delivered from it by Jesus.

Knowing the Truth of Sin

Chris Hall


Sunday 23rd June, 9:30 service, Chris Hall.

The law was given so that the people of God might know who He was and to live lives that reflect His goodness and holiness. The law provides a definition of sin for us. The law was in and of itself “holy, righteous and good”, but sin twists it into something it is not.

Sin ultimately changes what is good until it leads to death. It can even deceive us into believing that what is good is actually death. Paul here argues against this, saying that the effects of sin lead us to calling sin what it is, and knowing its ultimate effect.

Free from the Law

Natalie Worsfold

Sunday 16th June, 9:30 service, Natalie Worsfold.

Paul changes his imagery here, using the death of a husband to illustrate the effect of the law. The law had the people of God bound while they were still alive. In the same way a married woman is released from the bond if her husband died, as we died to the law in Christ were released from the law so that we might bear fruit.

It’s important with this section to also read what comes next. Paul isn’t arguing that the law is sinful in this passage, but is saying that we are no longer bound to it. Instead we are bound to God, and to one another in “the new way of the Spirit”.

The Righteous Life

George Eapen

Sunday 9th June, 9:30 service, George Eapen.

Earlier in the chapter, Paul sets the theological framework: that because Jesus died and rose again so we are dead to sin and alive to His life. In this part of the chapter, Paul begins to unpack what that life looks like when it’s lived out.

We might be tempted to think that because we live under grace, that we have free license to sin and live however we want to. Paul compares this idea to slavery. That in living in sin, we become obedient to it. Instead, we are to be slaves to righteousness, fully obedient to what righteousness asks of us. We don’t have to work to become righteous, but we live from a place of knowing our righteousness is won for us.

Dead to Sin, Alive to God

Chris Hall


Sunday 2nd June, 6:30 service, Chris Hall.

We are dead to sin. It no longer has a claim or any power over us. Jesus is alive and so are we. Paul uses baptism to illustrate his point in this passage: as we go under the water we are buried with Him, and we are born to the new life He won for us in His resurrection.

The penalty for sin is death, and as death is defeated so sin has lost its power. We are resurrection people who live in the life that Jesus now lives. There is no going back, Jesus cannot die again and His life is fully to God. We are called to live in that same life.

Grace upon Grace

Alyssa Carey


Sunday 26th May, 9:30 service, Alyssa Carey.

We are made righteous through Jesus. Although we were made sinners through the actions of Adam, we have been justified through Jesus and His obedience to God. There is no depth of sin that grace won’t meet us in as a result. This grace and righteousness ultimately leads us into eternal life.

Righteousness and justification are words that carry a lot of weight and meaning that people might not understand. What are righteousness and justification, and what is the link between them and grace?

Saved by Jesus

David Walker


Sunday 19th May, 9:30 service, David Walker.

Paul starts this section with a reminder of where we’ve been: that we are all under sin and death which came to us through Adam. Since the fall death has come to all people even before the law was given. But, as many died through Adam, how much more are we saved through Jesus?
We are given the free gift of grace and righteousness which reigns in our lives because of Jesus’s obedience to the cross. He is the new Adam and through the events of His death we see Him undo the curse that was placed on us in Genesis. How might we still think we are under death, when we have actually been won to life? What does it mean for us to receive this free gift?

Baptism Sunday – May 2024

Dan Bright

Sunday 12th May, 9:30 service, Dan Bright

Undeserved Love

Natalie Worsfold


Sunday 5th May, 6:30 service, Natalie Worsfold.

Would you die for anyone? What is it about someone that means you would die for them?

In Jesus’ death we see the clearest demonstration of love. Although we hadn’t done anything to deserve it, in fact we were enemies of God, Jesus still chose to go to the cross. God’s love for us is so powerful that He could not leave us as enemies but chose to reconcile us to Himself through His blood.

This reconciliation is seen not only in His death on the cross, but in His resurrection. In His death we have died to sin, in His life we have life in all its fullness.

Justified by Faith

David Walker


Sunday 28th April, 9:30 service, David Walker.

Paul links Abraham’s faith with hope (an important concept for him) and brings out the truth —Abraham and Sarah were in a hopeless situation when they received the promise of God. Abraham’s faith was profound and its being reckoned to him for righteousness has meaning for all subsequent believers. It is clear that Paul has concluded his basic account of justification and that he is now moving on to the consequences (notice his “Therefore” at the beginning). Justification has results. The justified person has peace and joy, and Paul exults in this. In the process he further emphasizes the importance of the death of the righteous Christ for sinful people. The love of God is behind all this. Paul does not think of God as remote and indifferent but as full of love, and it is from his love that our salvation proceeds.

Faith not Ritual

Natalie Worsfold


It is central to Paul’s position that the way of salvation he has just been outlining, the way of salvation by God’s grace, is no new thing. Now he proceeds to show that this was true of Abraham, the great father of the Isreal. God had acted in grace towards Abraham, and Abraham had been justified by faith – that is Paul’s argument. Whereas if Abraham had been accepted on the grounds of his works, Paul’s point that God had always acted in grace would not stand. Abraham is critically important for the listeners to understand that we are justified by faith, and it is important for us that we understand that all that came before Jesus was still part of God’s plan.

Humbled and Justified

Chris Hall


Paul asserts that salvation is exclusively attained through the death of Christ, which can be perceived from multiple perspectives. He emphasises that salvation is obtained solely through faith, reiterating the importance of this concept. He highlights that there is no justification for human arrogance or boasting and that a right understanding of faith is necessary if we are to uphold the law.

Freedom in Christ

Alyssa Carey


It is for freedom that Christ has set us free – but what does this look like, and how do we live in the power of Jesus’ resurrection day by day?

Easter Sunday

David Walker


Jesus’ resurrection means everything!

Palm Sunday

David Walker


Paul presents to us in Philippians 2 the servant of all, Jesus, who willingly gave up his life for us on the cross, and challenges us to love others the way Christ has loved us.

Righteousness Through Faith

Chris Hall


All the talk of sin might seem heavy, but it all leads to Paul’s point: we have righteousness through faith in Jesus. This righteousness and forgiveness is available to all who believe in it. As all have sinned and fallen short, all are justified by grace. 

As our righteousness is through faith alone and not by our own efforts, we cannot claim that we are more righteous or godly than anyone else. God justifies all people through faith alone. This justification is a free gift of grace to all who have faith in Jesus, one which we are to praise and thank God for each day. 

A Greater Righteousness

David Walker


God is not like us. He is faithful, true, righteous and good. Some people in Rome were saying that our human sin and unrighteousness was ultimately a good thing as it would serve to highlight God’s goodness and righteousness more. This is not the right way to think!

We can’t earn our righteousness as we have all fallen short, but that’s what makes the Gospel of Jesus such good news for us. Where might we have been misunderstanding or even not realising the weight of our sin in comparison to God’s righteousness?

Circumcision of the Heart

Natalie Worsfold


Circumcision acts as a physical marker for the Jewish people of their covenantal identity: that they are called to be separate from those around them in obedience to God and His law. Paul here is making the case that outward, physical circumcision has no value if it is not partnered with inward obedience, or circumcision of the heart.

God calls us to inward obedience that sets us apart from those around us, more so than any physical act we might do. We are to set our hearts apart in full obedience to Him alone.

Integrity Under the Law

Alyssa Carey


Paul uses the law as a means of exposing the hypocrisy of the Jewish people, which culminates in the final verse of the passage: “Circumcision has value if you observe the law, but if you break the law, you have become as though you had not been circumcised.” Ultimately, their outward appearance of obidence does not match up with what is truly going on in their lives.

How does hypocrisy play out in our lives? How does a passage like this challenge our day to day lives? Have we foregone promises we have made with God or with others that undermine our Christian convictions?

Sin and the Law

Natalie Worsfold


God judges impartially. God is concerned with the state of your heart, not the family you were born into. It is your love of God that makes you part of the family of God. Paul speaks to the Jewish people of Rome and reinforces that they are not saved simply because of their national identity but rather their personal identity. Paul is undermining their theology by equalising those who listen but do not obey the law with the gentile people. This unpicking of the 1st-century Jewish thinking helps establish Paul’s argument for salvation by faith in Christ.

The Story of Sin

David Walker


Sin plays a large role over the first three chapters. To understand the concept of grace, we must first get to grips with sin. Here, the big picture story is told of God’s wrath in response to our deliberate “turning away from God”. God’s wrath culminates in the “giv[ing] them over to sinful desires of their hearts”. Although God is both slow and reluctant to execute his wrath, we see it here in the early part of Romans in order to best understand the arguments made later epistle for the greatness of his grace; “it serves as the background to his ‘proper work’ of mercy”.1

From verses 18 to 31, the story depicts a commonly accepted view of the world to the Jewish audience, often as propaganda against the pagan world. However, Paul condemns those who wish to cast judgement on the pagan world, stating they are also worthy of judgement. God does not show partiality in grace, nor in wrath. We are all under God, and to cast judgement on others is futile, for we are all deserving of condemnation.

Not Ashamed for the Gospel

Chris Hall


The chapter starts in a familiar fashion with an introduction of the author, Paul. But in it, there is so much depth. The short introduction is an introduction to the gospel, a succinct explanation of the Christian reality (v1-7). Paul then lays out his intentions to see them face to face and his desire to “impart some spiritual gift to make you strong” (v11). The passage ends with the triumphant proclaiming of Paul’s honour and privilege to be a carrier of the gospel (v16).

Running with Perseverance

Chris Hall


As this “hall of faith” draws to a close, the writer to Hebrews reminds us that we are surrounded by this great cloud of witnesses. We are to flee from sin, run with perseverance and fix our eyes on Jesus, the one who endured the greatest sacrifice of all.

The call for us all is to keep going – not to lose heart or grow weary. But fix our eyes on Jesus and see His example of sacrifice and glory. Keep running the race!

Strength in Weakness

David Walker


Just in case we thought God’s story through these people of faith was glorious, the writer of Hebrews tells us that their stories involve great trials and battles. They stood against powerful kingdoms and injustice (vs33), enemies in the form of lions (vs33), flames and swords (vs34), torture, destitution, stoning and death. But God……..had something far greater to come (vs40), which we now know as Christ’s salvation and resurrection.

Serving God’s Purposes

David Walker


As we continue the “hall of faith”, the writer of Hebrews reminds us that being part of God’s story involves us being tested (vs17), remaining faithful to God to the very end of our lives (vs21), standing firm for God (vs23) and choosing faithfulness over our own desires (vs25).

Christ is introduced in verse 26 as an example of how we are to live lives of sacrifice (vs26) and perseverance (vs27). Through this list of the “hall of faith”, we read of many characters who were far from perfect, including Moses who murdered and Rahab who was a prostitute. God works through all people of faith, regardless of our imperfect pasts!

Living By Faith

David Walker


Introduce the “hall of faith” as this chapter is known. The writer of Hebrews begins with his definition of faith (verse 1), with an example of faith (verse 3). He then leads on to give the examples of faith through Genesis, with Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham and Sarah.

In amongst these inspiring examples are some helpful reminders for us: ‘without faith it is impossible to please God’ (vs6); ‘holy fear’ of God is key to a faithful life (vs7); faith and obedience go hand in hand (vs8). None of the people listed received the things promised (vs13). This is living by faith.

Christmas 23 – Advent 3

Dan Bright


Dan and Alyssa take us deeper into the Christmas story.

Carol Service

David Walker


David takes us back to the heart of Christmas and the One it’s all about – His name is Jesus!


Chris Hall


The final dispute between God and his people focuses on whether there’s even any point in following God at all. They are concerned that it’s futile to serve God, and their worship comes with no benefits since the evil prosper anyway. God responds by telling them about a remnant who love to gather and talk together about God, and he listens and hears them. Those who are faithful, who seek righteousness despite the challenges in the world around them, who worship wholeheartedly – they have the full attention of the faithful and loving God, and he will spare them when he brings the promised justice and judgement. The book ends with a reminder to remember the law of Moses and to expect the previously mentioned prophet Elijah before the Day of The Lord arrives.

How can we live today that gets God’s attention? Are we part of communities that gather to honour the Lord in our midst? As we look ahead to advent, are we prepared for the Day of the Lord?


Natalie Worsfold


God calls the Israelites to return to him by once again bringing the rights tithes and offerings. The Israelites had neglected their duty to honour God with their money and their possessions, keeping as much as possible for themselves. God wants to bless his people with great abundance, and even challenges them to test him in this, but he won’t do that until they honour him by bringing what is required by the Levitical law.

What do we hold back from God? How tightly do we hold on to our money and our possessions when God is simply asking us to be generous with what he has given us? Where might God want to bless us as individuals and a church community?

Baptism Service

David Walker

David speaks on baptism while we celebrate individuals getting baptised at our 9:30 service.


Chris Hall


The Israelites complain to God that the world seems like an unfair and unjust place to live. The evil seem to get away from it and God doesn’t seem to intervene; corruption and wickedness are abounding and God seems to do nothing. God responds by promising to send a messenger who will prepare the way for God himself to come and bring justice, purifying with fire to remove the idolatry, sinfulness and immorality that is rife among them. The people don’t seem to trust that God will come to bring justice and freedom for the oppressed and saw him as passive and unconcerned. However, God was faithful to his promises as Jesus fulfils this (Luke 4:16-19) and then promises to make all things new again in the age to come.

How can we get frustrated with or blame God for the suffering and injustice we see in this world? Do we trust that God really does care about the state of this world, and will do something about it? What is our part in brining justice and freedom to the oppressed?


Alyssa Carey


The Israelites have been unfaithful to God (first 2 weeks), and this impacts their relationships with one another. Just as they’ve been unfaithful to God, they’ve become unfaithful to one another (v.10). The men have been unfaithful to their wives, marrying women from other nations and letting their idols infiltrate their households, their worship and their hearts. In doing so, they have broken two covenants; their marriage covenant and their covenant with God. They proceed to mourn the fact that they don’t have God’s blessing, not able to see the connection between their faithfulness to one another and God’s blessing and favour.

How are we shaped by the world around us, and how can we be on guard against it? Do we see the connection between our relationship with God and how we treat others or do we box them up as separate? How is the covenant of marriage viewed in our culture and in the church? How do we grow in faithfulness, the fruit of the spirit?


George Eapen


The second dispute between God and his people focuses on worship at the temple. The people are bringing offerings that are blemished or defiled in the temple, going against the Levitical Law and demonstrating that they don’t truly honour God. Their half-hearted, duty-bound devotion even prompts God to wish the Temple doors would be shut so they’d stop bringing these offerings. To make things worse the priests are complicit in this, participating in the shameful worship instead of pointing the people towards true, obedient worship. The very people chosen to uphold the high standards or worship are the ones defiling it.

How can we, as Christians, be guilty of similar? When do we bring our half-hearted offerings to God and think that’s enough? How can we ‘offer [y]our bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship (Romans 12:1)?


David Walker


The Israelites begin by doubting God’s love for them, setting the scene for the whole book. God’s response is to remind them that he chose the family of Jacob their ancestor, not Esau, to show his love and faithfulness. By questioning God’s love for them in the present, they are questioning his faithfulness to his covenant and promises, and therefore his very character. Throughout the generations, God has always been faithful to his people but they have often failed to recognise that.
How or when do we doubt the love God has for us? How can we say we believe God’s love but act in such a way that shows we don’t truly believe? The New Testament points us towards the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as the New Covenant that provides a solid foundation for the love God has for us.

A Call to Deny Yourself

Chris Hall


Jesus calls us to deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Him. In a world that is all about
consuming and individualism, how is God calling us as individuals and as a church to live this
life of denial and obedience? It impacts who we are, how we serve and what we give.

A Call to Generosity

David Walker


Many people give to church as a last resort, having paid off all their other bills and
commitments. God is asking us to give first and to give faithfully – or, full of faith. The
widow models this by giving out of her poverty, not her wealth. Jesus doesn’t commend her
for giving large sums, but instead for the trust in her heart as she looks to God to provide.
However much we can afford, Jesus sees what we give and He calls us to all get involved

A Call to Serve

David Walker


Jesus appears to the disciples on the beach of Lake Galilee and repeats the miracle catch of fish (see last week), to remind them of who He is. He then reinstates Peter, calling him to serve and to follow Jesus in all His ways. Jesus is clear that this call on Peter’s life will involve sacrifice, which for Peter involves the ultimate cost. As we hear the Lord’s declaration of love over us and see His sacrifice for us, are we willing to follow Him and serve?

A Call to Follow

Natalie Worsfold


Jesus calls the disciples to “put out into deep water” (vs 4). Despite the fact they had already
done this, Simon obeys Jesus and as a result their nets are filled with fish. At this, Simon
Peter falls on his knees and repents. Jesus calls them to follow Him and fish for people. How
might God be calling us to go into deeper water? To enter a greater place of trust as we
follow Him. What might be that call be that requires us to be obedient and to follow Jesus?

A Call to Listen

Chris Hall


Elijah is called by God to stand on mount Horeb, as the Lord passed by. A powerful wind, an earthquake and a fire pass by but God was not in any of them. Instead, God spoke in a gentle whisper. It involved Elijah listening and being still before God. As we seek God for our future and His call upon our lives, we need to take time to stop, to listen and to seek God for His gently whisper.

A Call to Sacrifice

David Walker


God calls Abram and leads him away from his country, his people and his family (vs 1). Following God’s call on our lives often involves sacrifice and a move away from our places of comfort. As Abram receives the promise of God that through him God’s blessing will be passed on through the generations, Abram’s is obedient to God (vs 4) and reverent before God (vs 7&8). How might God be calling us to sacrifice our comfort to be obedient to Him?

A Psalm of Thanksgiving

Chris Hall


David gives thanks for God’s goodness (verse 2), for God’s provision (verse 5), for God’s guidance (verse 7) and God’s strength given to him (verse 8). This psalm also has the hope of eternity in it (like last week). David gives thanks that God will not abandon him to the grave but fill him with joy and eternal pleasures (verse 11).

A Psalm of Wisdom

Sam Brown

The psalmist contrasts life with God and life without God. Many trust in wealth, their own ability or status, but it leads to nothing. The wisdom of this psalm points to trusting in God, who paid your ransom and who saves (verse 15). There is even a hint of eternal life here in the psalm (verses 9 and 15). This psalm is an example of God’s wisdom passed down through His Word, showing us two ways to live and the benefits of trusting in God. 

A Psalm of Kingship

Natalie Worsfold


In times of trouble, David cried out to God for help. As he prays to God, our king, he acknowledges that God protects us (verse 1), helps us (verse 2), remembers (verse 3), provides (verse 4) and answers our prayers (verse 5). The key is to trust in God as we read in verse 7.

A Psalm of Lament

Alyssa Carey


There are times in life when we all feel faint, in agony, worried or weak with sorrow. This Psalm is an honest outpouring from the heart about the struggles in life. David cries out to God for mercy and is brutally honest with God as he prays “how long, Lord, how long?” (verse 3). The Psalm ends with David acknowledging that God has heard his prayer and granted him mercy.

A Psalm of Remembrance

Natalie Worsfold


The psalmist begins with praise in verse 1, and then goes on to remember why it is right to praise God. God’s people have a history of sinning (verse 6), acting wickedly (verse 6) and forgetting God’s kindness (verse 7). And yet God led them out of Egypt and miraculously provided for them parting the Red Sea. Remembering God’s goodness and kindness to us is part of what we are called to do.

A Psalm of Confidence

David Walker


David had plenty of reasons to be afraid, as he was surrounded by enemies and wickedness, but he said in verse 3 “I will be confident”. In the face of opposition and difficulty, David focuses on praising God, which gives him confidence. In verse 13 he writes “I remain confident of this – I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living”, which comes from seeking His face and waiting on the Lord.

A Psalm of Praise

Natalie Worsfold


The series opens with one of the psalms of praise, in which David describes the awesome power, majesty and authority of God. This psalm focuses on God’s voice and in our lives we hear His voice through Scripture. God also shares his authority, power and strength with us as we read in verse 11, “The Lord gives strength to his people” and “blesses his people with peace”.

Together We Grow

David Walker


The Bible has so much to say about our relationships as the people of God. Hebrews 10 starts with God, not us. It starts with the good news of Jesus Christ and that seems a fitting conclusion to the series. Our lives are lived in response to that which God has first done for us through Christ. We gather to encourage one another, to remind one another about the full story of the gospel we have been invited into and as a consequence to equip one another for our everyday lives. We need each other! Our times together as church help us to hold onto hope, spur one another on and to encourage us to keep meeting together.

Whoever We Are

Chris Hall


Peter, the one who denied Jesus, who was reinstated and who is the rock on which the church is built, writes this letter to remind us of who we are in Christ. Whoever we are – however insignificant we feel – we make all the difference in the world because we are on our frontlines, first as a son or daughter of the King; a child of God. Our value, our worth, our significance, and our life on the frontline flows from this identity. Chosen priests, holy, God’s special possession, declaring the praises of God. The people of God. We minister on our frontlines out of a sense of confidence of who we are in Christ.


Whatever We Do

Natalie Worsfold


Paul’s letter to the Colossians describes the kind of community God was calling them to be. But he makes clear that this was not inward-focused. Their daily lives were to be marked by love, kindness, and compassion in their places of work or activity, and in their relationships. The social conditions assumed in the passage aren’t the same social conditions that most of us face today. However, the principles that flow from it are as applicable now as much as then. Commitment to Jesus as Lord is to be worked out in daily life, in relationship with others, and bound up in our service of Jesus himself.

Baptism Sunday

David Walker


David Walker speaks from Mark 1: 1-11 about God’s great plan to redeem us: through repentance and baptism, we are a new creation, God’s children. We join in with God’s redeeming plan and experience his faithfulness and love for us.

Wherever We Are

Dan Bright


God can turn up anywhere! Encounters with God are transformative, and they happen in the course of life with all its ups and downs. They happen in the places we find ourselves in regularly. They happen, too, in the places that we find ourselves unexpectedly. This particular encounter with God happens when Jacob is in serious conflict with his brother. Esau wants to kill him (Genesis 27:41). Jacob, his grasping younger-by-minutes twin brother, has tricked him out of his birthright. He has taken Esau’s future security from him and left him with nothing (Genesis 27:39–40). As Jacob runs away, he meets God in the last place he expected.


Commissioned by Jesus

Sam Brown


Having offered an invite to “come to” Jesus, he now sends his followers out saying “go” and make disciples. Most importantly this command is given in the middle of two statements of reassurance – firstly in verse 18, we are reminded that all authority in heaven and on earth have been given to us. Secondly in verse 20 we are reassured of the presence of Jesus with us, to the very end of the age. As we consider our ‘frontlines’ of mission during the week (school, community, clubs, work etc) we are sent out with authority and with the presence of Jesus.


Fulfilment of Living Water

David Walker


Ezekiel’s vision is finally fulfilled as the river of life forms part of the city of God, the new creation, in which God dwells with redeemed humanity in a place where “there will no longer be any curse”. In John’s vision, there is no place for a temple or altar, so the river runs from the throne of God down the main street in the city, lined by the ‘tree of life’ on both sides. Ultimately the river of life anticipates the new creation in which God will have lifted the curse from the earth (Genesis) forever and dwells with his redeemed people forever.


Outpouring of Living Water

David Walker


At the climax of the Feast of Tabernacles, when water was symbolically poured out, Jesus boldly declares himself to be the source of living water to all who believe in him. The water pouring ceremony, in Jesus’ day, was interpreted by the Jews as a symbolic anticipation of the messianic outpouring of the Spirit, pointing backwards to Ezekiel 47 (last week’s sermon). Jesus’ promise was fulfilled on the day of Pentecost as the Holy Spirit came and three thousand were saved.


Promise of Living Water

Jane Peters


Sharing from Ezekiel 47:1-12, Jane helps to remind us to repent, purify ourselves and ask God to pour living water on those areas of our lives that are dry and arid.


Resurrection Victory

David Walker


From 1 Corinthians 15:51-58, David shares of the hope of when Christ returns, both the dead in Christ and those who still live will be transformed in an instant into these new and glorified heavenly bodies that will never die. Death will be swallowed up in victory, never to cause pain again.


Resurrection of the Body

David Walker


Sharing from 1 Corinthians 15:35-50, David helps us understand what Paul explains about our bodies being the seed that will die to make way for a far better body, built to exist in eternity. The natural-born physical bodies of believers are perishable and temporary, but will be raised imperishable and eternal.


Resurrection of Believers

Natalie Worsfold


Sharing from 1 Corinthians 15:12-34, Natalie takes us through Paul’s letter to the Corinthian church correcting their understanding of life after death, declaring once more that Jesus has been raised from the grave.


Resurrection of Jesus

David Walker


David shares from 1 Corinthians 15:1-11 on how at the heart of the Gospel is the truth that Jesus died and rose from the dead, appearing to hundreds of people.


Easter Conclusion

Dan Bright


Concluding the Easter period, Dan takes us through the story of Easter.


Easter Sunday

David Walker


David shares from John 20:1-9 on Easter Sunday!


Palm Sunday

Natalie Worsfold


Preaching from John 12:12-18, Natalie shares of the Cross-Shaped Jesus we are invited to follow.

Generosity in Hope

John Freeman


John concludes our sermon series, on his last Sunday at Greyfriars & New Hope, sharing of the hope of God’s kingdom coming to Earth from Revelation 21:1-5.


Generosity in Community

David Walker


David Walker speaks from Hebrews 10: 19-25 on the importance of gathering together in community to draw near to God. Together, we spur each other on to fix our eyes on Jesus and we encourage one another.

Generosity in the Spirit

David Walker


Speaking from John 14:15-27, David shares of God’s generous gift to us – the Holy Spirit, who lives and works through us.

Generosity in Blessing

Tom Pollard


Speaking from Ephesians 1, Tom shares on how the blessings we have received from God are not measured or scarce, but abundant.


Generosity in Security

John Freeman


Speaking from Romans 8:31-39, John shares of the promise of security that Jesus provides us.


Generosity in Salvation

Natalie Worsfold


Sharing from Ephesians 2:1-10, Natalie shows us that this passage, which starts by speaking about death and sin, pivots in verse four around the simple word ‘but.’ From there onwards it shows us the generosity of God’s saving grace, and reminds us that it is Jesus alone who has the authority to free us from all that binds up our lives.

Out of God’s great love and generosity for us, He sent Jesus to unlock our salvation. This is in order that, by His grace, we might be free to be God’s handiwork on the earth, ready and able to do the good works that He has prepared us for.

What is he freeing you for?


Generosity in Abundance

David Walker


Speaking from Luke 12:22-34, David shares in how we needn’t worry and instead, trust in God.


Generosity in Jesus

Sam Brown


Sam shares of the Generosity in Jesus from John 3:16.



Generosity through Despair

John Freeman


John speaks from Jeremiah 32:1-15 on the hope of Jesus through despair.

Generosity in the Law

David Walker


As readers in 21st-century England, we can often be confused and conflicted about what to do with the Law that we find in the pages of scripture. From Psalm 19, David shares how we can rejoice and receive the Law as a gift from God.


Generosity in Calling and Covenant

John Freeman


John speaks from Genesis 12:1-3 and 15: 1-21 on how we are called by God. This calling is not earned but given as a gift of grace for the sake of blessing the world.

Generosity in Creation

David Walker


David shares from Genesis 1:26-31 of God’s generosity in his creation. The theme of abundant provision begins at the beginning of the biblical story.



Alyssa Carey


After Christmas, it’s still important to remember the reason why Jesus came to earth. In the words from 1 Timothy, we’re called to remember who we are and the fact that Jesus was sent to save us.

Nativity (all-age service)

Heather Harper


Heather takes us through the nativity with a little help from some friends. Be sure to remember that mission code-word!


Christmas Carols

David Walker


At our Christmas Carols, David shares the message of hope that Jesus brings us.

Jesus’ Second Coming

George Eapen


George speaks about how we are to live as a light for Christ, waiting for His return.


Jesus’ First Coming

David Walker


David explores what it means to wait with hope, as we look at the book of Micah.

Peaceful Living

John Freeman


John shares from Thess 5:12-28 on how we can live in peace with each other and live with the grace of Jesus, rather than depending on our relationships and self-reliance.




David Walker


From 1 Thess 4:13-5:11, David reminds us of the hope in how we can wait with confidence for Jesus to come again.



Heather Harper


Heather speaks from 1 Thess 4:1-12, during our all-age service, on what it means to live a holy life.


Overflowing Love

Dan Bright


Dan shares how, in 1 Thessalonians 3:6-13, Paul prays that God would shape the church in Thessalonica, and that the people of the Church would be blameless and holy with love overflowing for one another.


David Walker


David explores the difference between the danger of isolation and the joy of fellowship, based in 1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:5.




Family Focus

John Freeman


John shares how, in 1 Thessalonians 2:1-12, Paul invites us to live a life that represents God to the world around us. To do this, we can follow the example of Paul and Jesus by living a life of clear priorities, genuine love and deep integrity.


Gospel Life

David Walker


David begins a new series in 1 Thessalonians, looking at what it means to be a healthy church.


Call to Generosity (part 2)

Jane Peters


Jane Peters speaks from John 21:1-14 on how Jesus demonstrates His power to multiply and provide, and of how He calls us to to do our bit in obedience. It is in this obedience that leads to the miracle of abundance, and the hope that He will provide all our needs.


Call to Generosity

John Freeman


John Freeman helps us to reflect on Jesus’ death in John 19:16b-30, where we see that the cross reveals to us the generosity of God, and that the generosity of God invites us into a generous response.


Call to Mission

David Walker


David Walker speaks from John 17:1-26 on how we can understand the role of Jesus’ followers in being a witness to His name in the world. As Jesus prays for his disciples, we see that we are “in the world, but not of the world” (vs15-16), and we are to pray for the mission of the church locally and globally.


Call to Intimacy

David Walker


David Walker speaks from John 15:1-17 on being as close to our Lord as we can, being grafted into Him. It is only as we surrender to Him, remain in Him and are obedient to Him (vs14) that we will be fruitful, know His love for us and testify to answered prayer.


Malachi (Messenger)

Alyssa Carey


Alyssa speaks from Malachi.

Malachi means ‘my messenger’ and through this message we learn about the covenant between God and his people (2:10) which is like a living relationship between a father and son. But this relationship broke down and Malachi looks forward to future ‘messenger of the covenant’ (3:1) who will make God’s people righteous. Malachi teaches us not to be lukewarm about God, but to hunger and thirst after Him.


Habbakkuk (faithfulness)

David Morgan


David speaks on faithfulness from Habakkuk. Habakkuk commits his problem to God and chooses to trust in God. As a result, the Babylonians were punished for their wickedness and Habakkuk praises God.


Jonah (Obedience)

Natalie Worsfold


We reflect together on the contribution of Jonah, helping us understand how our acts of obedience need to be matched by hearts of obedience. Pondering how the good news comes close through the life of Jesus via us and to us.

Nahum (Comfort)

Natalie Worsfold


Natalie Worsfold speaks from the book of Nahum, who doesn’t shy away from God’s holiness and His anger and indignation in the face of sin. However, Nahum helps us see the beauty and power of God at work by also highlighting God’s response of comfort and patience.


Amos (Justice)

Heather Harper


Heather Harper speaks from the book of Amos on God’s justice: Amos was a land owner and a shepherd. His message held Israel
to account, to show them God’s standards and how they had fallen short. He speaks into issues of materialism, injustice and immorality. He tells Israel how God upholds good throughout the world (9:7-8) and seeks his people to uphold justice and righteousness.



Natalie Worsfold



Natalie kicks off out new sermon series ‘Return to God’. Over summer, we will look into the minor prophets in the Old Testament. These books are often thought of in terms of the judgement of God, they also teach us about the heart of God to see His people turn back to Him. This week we look at Joel.


Sam Brown


Sam Brown speaks from Matthew 28: 16 – 20 on these final words of Jesus in Matthew’s gospel – reminding us of the authority and power with which we are commissioned to make disciples of all nations. As part of our call to make disciples we are to baptise and teach. We do this in the knowledge and with the assurance of the presence of Jesus with us. Who has God put on our hearts to share the gospel with today?



George Eapen


George Eapen speaks from Matthew 26: 6 – 13 on the importance of worship; even more important than serving the poor is our worship of Jesus. Mary pours extravagant perfume over Jesus and washes His head. In this act of worship, we are challenged to ask the question: how much do we prioritise our worship of Jesus over and above all else?  How can we lavish our love on Jesus?



Dan Bright


Dan Bright speaks from Matthew 25: 31 – 46 about compassion: feeding the hungry, caring for the refugees and visiting those in prison are all part of what it means to be a disciple. Jesus tells us that in serving others in this way, we are serving and worshipping Jesus himself. How are we obeying these challenging words of Jesus in our lives?



Natalie Worsfold


Natalie Worsfold speaks from Matthew 25: 1 – 13 on being ready for Jesus’s return. We do not know the hour or the day, but we are to be people who are ready for that day when He will work out His perfect judgement. As shown in the parable of the ten virgins, there is a warning against “becoming drowsy and falling asleep” (25:5). Are we ready for Jesus’ return? Do we live our lives expecting His return?



Natalie Worsfold


Natalie Worsfold speaks from Matthew 23: 1 – 12 on how we need to guard ourselves from unauthentic teaching, so our words of worship match our actions. Do we show Jesus to the world through our humility or self-importance? Do we practise what we preach?



George Eapen


George Eapen speaks from Matthew 22: 34 – 40 on how we are to love God, in the ways we serve Him, worship Him and think about Him. We are also to love our neighbours. How do we show our love for God each day? What are the ways in which we are tangibly loving our neighbours?


John Freeman


John Freeman speaks from Matthew 19: 16 – 24 on Jesus challenging a man to lay down his wealth in order to follow him. Are we building our lives with Jesus as our foundation? As disciples of Christ, we need to be all in: fully signed up to Jesus and fully signed off from other things. What idols do we need to repent from and let go of? God already knows and wants to set us free.



Dan Bright


Dan Bright speaks from Acts 2: 1-4 and Matthew 10: 1-20 on how God continues to fill us with his Holy Spirit so we can share something of his presence to those around us.



Alyssa Carey


Speaking from Matthew 9:18-26, Alyssa explores what it means for us to live lives of expectant faith. A ruler and a sick woman show us how to live expectant of Jesus’s action, power and sovereignty in the face of disappointment. Ultimately we should be expectant of Jesus, but not surprised when He works in His own way and in His own time





Natalie Worsfold


Natalie Worsfold speaks from Matthew 9: 1 – 8 on forgiveness: Jesus reveals his identity as he heals and forgives the paralysed man. The teachers of the law accuse Jesus of blasphemy because only God can heal. Little do they know that Jesus is God incarnate. He calls himself the Son of Man showing his mission to serve humanity, bringing forgiveness through the cross. Where have we got stuck with forgiveness? Where do we need God’s forgiveness in our lives?



Dan Bright


Dan Bright asks us to reflect on Matthew 8: 5 – 13 on how Jesus calls us to show faith in tangible and trusting ways. How are our levels of faith and trust in God? Do we lean on our own ability or surrender to God’s power in our lives?


Visiting Speaker


Visiting speaker Francis Moloney speaks from Matthew 7: 15-29 on how fruitfulness is one of the keys to being a disciple of Jesus: as we anchor ourselves in Jesus, how are our lives fruitful? Are we obeying God by putting his words into practice? In what areas do we need to grow in fruitfulness?





Heather Harper


Heather Harper speaks from Matthew 7: 7 – 12 on how Jesus teaches us to persevere in prayer, knowing that we ask God who is a good, good Father. We can approach God with confidence in prayer because we know that He wants to give us good gifts: are we knocking, seeking, asking God? Do we really believe He is a good Father?

Listen to Me

Jane Peters


Jane Peters speaks from Luke 24: 13 – 35 on how we should expect God to reveal himself to us in our everyday: are we listening to him?


Easter Sunday

David Walker


David Walker speaks from John 21:15-22 on the call to follow Jesus.




It’s Thursday – Jesus is an upper room, sharing a final meal with his friends. Today’s reading is John 13:1-5.






It’s Wednesday – Jesus is outside of the city, enjoying dinner with his friends. Today’s reading is Matthew 26:6-16.





It’s Tuesday – Jesus returns once more for what will be his last public appearance before his arrest. Today’s reading is Luke 20:20-26.




It’s Monday – having arrived in Jerusalem, Jesus enters the temple and finds a scene that disturbs him. Today’s reading is Mark 11:15-18.


Palm Sunday

It’s Palm Sunday – Jesus is coming to the end of his long journey towards Jerusalem. Today’s reflection is from Luke 19:35-40.

Solid ground instead of sinking sand

Visiting Speaker


Simon Guillebaud speaks from Matthew 7:24-29 on being ground on solid ground. He shares stories of faith from his time ministering in Burundi.


Peace instead of Fear

Natalie Worsfold


Natalie Worsfold speaks from Matthew 6: 25 – 34 on how we are not exempt from trouble in this world but that Jesus will take care of us: he wants us to cast our anxieties onto him and seek him, grateful for all he has done.


Self-control instead of Consumption

Dan Bright


Dan Bright, Debs Jeffries and David Morgan speak to us from Matthew 6: 16-24, challenging us on what is driving us: are we exclusively devoted to God?


Love instead of Division

David Walker


David Walker speaks from Matthew 5: 43 – 48, encouraging us to surrender ourselves to the Lord, allowing his Spirit to transform us into his image so we are able to love in ways that go beyond ourselves, radiating the light of Christ to all.

Holiness instead of Compromise

Natalie Worsfold


Natalie Worsfold speaks from Matthew 5: 17 – 26 on how our heart attitudes need to be changed by God, allowing him to heal us and to bring reconciliation and peace where it is needed.


Standing out instead of Fitting in

John Freeman


John Freeman speaks from Matthew 5: 13-16 on how we are to be salt and light, shining the Lord’s light into the darkness and brokenness of the world around us.


Whole Life Worship

Natalie Worsfold


Natalie Worsfold speaks from Colossians 3: 12-17 on being clothed with Christ each day, with forgiving and compassionate hearts, humility, peace and love, allowing Christ to heal us and equipping us to live united across the globe.

Place Of Musical Praise

Dan Bright


Global Mission Sunday

David Gray


David Gray speaks from Acts 12: 25 – 13: 3 and Matthew 28: 16 – 20 on how mission is part of God’s plan, right from God’s promise to Abraham in Genesis, to God at work in the world today, setting us loose and sending us out through his Holy Spirit.


Faith in the Face of Lament

Heather Harper


Heather Harper speaks from Psalm 22 on how God wants to hear the cry of our hearts, however we are feeling: from that place, we can proclaim God’s truths and promises and encourage one another with testimonies and prayer.


Giving our Lives

John Freeman


John Freeman speaks from Romans 12: 1 – 8 on what it looks like to give our whole lives as worship to God, in light of His mercy.




Worship & Justice

George Eapen


George Eapen speaks from Micah 6: 6 – 8 and Luke 19: 37 – 44 on how we are called to walk humbly, overflow with mercy and act justly in all our various contexts, so that we can truly worship Jesus and walk in His light.

Extravagant Worship

Natalie Worsfold


Natalie Worsfold speaks from John 12: 1 – 8 on how our worship should be extravagant: it should be not so much about how we feel but rather about turning to Jesus to fully lavish our attention on Him.


Who do we Worship?

David Walker


David Walker speaks from John 4: 7 – 26; 29; 39-42 on how Jesus wants to lift our burdens and give us living water – new life, leading us to a place of worship and thanksgiving every day.


Why Worship?

John Freeman


John Freeman speaks from Revelation 4: 1 – 2 and 6b – 11 on how we have so many reasons to worship God and how, as we do so, we make our worship complete.


The Greatest Gift (Christmas Day)

David Walker

David Walker speaks from Matthew 2: 1 – 12 on the greatest gift of all: Jesus, the saviour of the world, King of Kings, come to us in human form. Will you receive this greatest gift?


Greatest Gift

Dan Bright


Dan Bright speaks from Luke 2: 4 – 20 on how God first chose to share the great news of Jesus’s birth with the shepherds because they were close to God’s heart and point to the mission of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, who loves us and wants to shepherd us.


Carol Service

David Walker


David Walker speaks from Isaiah 9: 2 – 7, John 1: 1 – 14 and Matthew 2: 1 – 12, inviting us to search for Jesus this Christmas as we look to the manger, to the cross and also to the throne of heaven: Jesus has come to save us and is going to return – let’s put our trust in Him.


John Freeman


John Freeman speaks from Acts 2: 22 – 36 on how the Christmas story fits into a wider narrative of God’s salvation plan for the world, fulfilled in Jesus, our Lord and Messiah, who defeated death and invites us to place our hope in Him and to step into resurrection life with Him.


Natalie Worsfold


Natalie Worsfold speaks from Philippians 2: 5 – 11 on how we can adopt the mind and character of Jesus as we seek to follow in His footsteps of obedience and in His servant-hearted nature.

Strength in Weakness

George Eapen


George Eapen speaks from 2 Corinthians 12: 1 – 10 on how the challenges we face are an opportunity for us to lean into God and be transformed more and more into the likeness of Christ.

Worship in Remembrance

John Freeman


John Freeman speaks to us from 2 Corinthians 8: 1 – 9 on God inviting us to be people who allow His loving-kindness to flow through us to others: what have we received from God that we could generously share with others?



Faithfulness in Sorrow

David Walker


David Walker speaks from 2 Corinthians 7: 1-16 on the difference between worldly sorrow and Godly sorrow, which through repentance, produces change in us and leads to salvation, a passion for holiness and a desire to see justice done.


Unity in Division

Natalie Worsfold


Natalie Worsfold speaks from 2 Corinthians 5: 11 – 6: 2 on being a new creation through God’s sacrifice, brought together in Him and called every day to be God’s ambassadors in reconciliation.


Treasure in brokenness

John Freeman


John Freeman speaks from 2 Corinthians 4: 1-18 on how to let go of the world’s vision of strength to fully rely on God’s power in our weakness.




Glory in Humanity

Dan Bright


Dan Bright speaks on 2 Corinthians 2:12-3:18. Dan unpacks what the aroma of Christ is and how we are called to reflect the sent of Jesus.



Promise in uncertainty

David Walker


David Walker speaks to us from 2 Corinthians 1: 12-24 on how God has anointed us, put his seal of ownership on us and given us His Spirit as a guarantee of what is to come.

Comfort in Trouble

Heather Harper


Heather Harper unpacks 2 Corinthians 1:1-11. Paul opens his letter by reminding us that God has brought us comfort in our times of trouble. As a result, we are able to minister to those around us in trouble, giving thanks for God’s goodness and faithfulness to us.



John Freeman


John Freeman speaks to us from Acts 11: 19-26 on what God might be calling us to give and to do in our community.


Reaching out

Natalie Worsfold


Natalie Worsfold speaks to us from Acts 16: 6-15 on recommending Jesus’ love and hope to other people.



David Walker


David Walker speaks from Acts 9: 1-15 on surrendering ourselves to be transformed by Jesus.



Coming to Jesus

John Freeman


John Freeman speaks from Matthew 11: 28-30 and Mark 6: 30-32 on how to take on the lifestyle of Jesus to experience the life of Jesus and receive his rest, joy and peace.


Humble Jesus

Natalie Worsfold


Natalie Worsfold speaks from Matthew 11: 29 and Matthew 20: 20-28 on Jesus’s servant-heartedness.


Gentle Jesus

Jane Peters


Jane Peters speaks from Matthew 11: 29 and Isaiah 42: 1-4 on Jesus being gentle with us as we come to him and allow him to heal and restore us.


A way from Jesus

Dan Bright


Dan Bright speaks from Matthew 11: 29-30 and 1 John 2: 3-6 on taking up Jesus’ yoke and following in the way of Jesus.


Rest from Jesus

John Freeman


John Freeman speaks from Matthew 11:28 & Exodus 33:12-17 on the true rest which can only be found in Jesus.

Come to Jesus

Heather Harper


Heather begins our new series ‘Come to Me’ based off the well known passage Matthew 11:28.

Celebrating and giving thanks

Joy Atkins


Joy Atkins speaks from Nehemiah 12:27-43 on the importance of celebrating and giving thanks to God.

Generous Giving

David Walker


Continuing our sermon series, David Walker speaks from Nehemiah 10: 28-39 on generosity.

Declaring God’s Word

Dan Bright


Continuing our Nehemiah series, Dan Bright speaks from Nehemiah 8: 1-10 on immersing ourselves in God’s Word.

Dealing with Opposition

John Freeman


John Freeman speaks from Nehemiah 4: 1-23 (and chapter 6) on God fighting for us in the midst of opposition.

Confronting Injustice

Alyssa Carey

Continuing our Nehemiah series, Alyssa Carey speaks from Nehemiah 5: 1-19 on confronting injustice.

Serving Side by Side

David Walker


David Walker speaks from Nehemiah 3:1-12. He calls and invites us to serve together and use our gifts to re-build the church.

Boldly Speaking Out

George Eapen


George Eapen continues our series on rebuilding after a time of exile. We are journeying through the book of Nehemiah. Today we are called to boldly proclaim the good news. George speaks from Nehemiah 2: 1-20.

Calling Out In Prayer

David Walker


David Walker begins our new series on rebuilding after a time of exile. We are journeying through the book of Nehemiah. Beginning today with a call to prayer and repentance. David speaks from Nehemiah 1.

Generous Community

Lorraine Briffitt


Generosity is not just about giving money, but about giving all of our lives away to God for the benefit of others. Lorraine unpacks the joys and challenges of living as a generous community.

Spirit Led Community

John Freeman


On Pentecost Sunday John Freeman reminds us of the power of being filled afresh with the Spirit. He speaks on Acts 2: 1-13

Empowering Community

John Hudson


At a time of change and uncertainty how we respond as a community of believers is crucially important. John Hudson unpacks three ways to respond to a time of change, as he speaks today from Act 6:1-7

Growing Community

Annie Willmot


The church in Acts grew and grew with new people becoming part of their community all the time. So what was it about their community that caused it to grow, and what can we learn from this today. Annie Willmot speaks from Acts 11:19-30

Kingdom Community

Alyssa Carey


The apostles spoke about the kingdom of God but they also demonstrated signs of the kingdom. We are called to do the same. Alyssa Carey speaks on what it looks like to demonstrate signs and wonders today. Speaking from Acts 5: 12-16

Prayerful Community

John Hudson


What happens when we all pray constantly as a community? David Walker explores the variety of ways we are called to pray and the call on us as a church to pray right now. He speaks from Acts 4:23-31

Missional Community

John Freeman


We begin a new series looking at the purpose and mission of the church is. John Freeman looks today at the church’s outward focus to live the call of Jesus to make disciples. He speaks from Acts 10:34-48

Easter Day 2021

David Walker


Whatever this past year and season of life has brought you, if you are feeling down, hopeless, hurting, broken or unsure about the future, Jesus has the power to transform your life. David Walker speaks about the transforming power of Jesus, as he explores Luke 24: 13-35

Good Friday Reflection: 6pm


As we come to the end of our Good Friday Reflections, Joy Atkins helps us to prepare for Holy Saturday as we reflect on Luke 23:50-56.

Good Friday Reflection: 3pm

After another three hours, we come to the death of Jesus. David Walker helps us to think about this important moment from Mark 15:34:41.

Good Friday Reflection: 12pm

It’s noon on Good Friday, and Jesus has been on the cross now for about three hours. Annie Willmot helps us to reflect on this moment from Luke 23:35-44.

Good Friday Reflection: 9am

At 9am on Good Friday Jesus is led to Golgotha, where he is crucified. Sam Brown leads our reflection on Mark 15:20-27.

Good Friday Reflection: 6am

We begin our Good Friday Reflections at 6am as Jesus is brought before the religious leaders and Pilate to be questioned and tried. John Freeman shares on Mark 15:1-19.

Good Friday Trailer


Listen to Sam and John introducing the plans for our Good Friday Reflection podcasts.

To find out more, head to


Alyssa Carey


What actually is love? Alyssa speaks today about true love, speaking about the example of love God shows us in 1 John 4:7-21.


David Walker


What is hope and how can living with Christian hope change the way you see the world today? David Walker speaks about hope as he unpacks Romans 5 in the latest in our series on Faith, Hope and Love.


John Freeman


If we’re honest, we don’t really know what we are doing. God invites us to build our lives on him, trusting in God through faith and not trying to work it all out for ourselves. John Freeman explores how we can live a life of faith. Speaking today on 1 Peter 1:13-21.

Faith, hope and love

David Walker


As we travel towards Easter we are exploring the call to be transformed. Today David Walker unpacks the call to transformation as we explore God’s words through scripture. He speaks today from 1 Corinthians 13:1-13

Kingdom Power

John Freeman


John Freeman points us towards a reminder that prayer is always a right response under pressure. He explores how it unlocks forgiveness and healing in our lives – a present outbreaking of the future Kingdom. He speaks today from James 5:13-20

Kingdom Endurance

Nick Hill


When times are tough, when we are in a difficult or dark place, how do we respond? Nick Hill speaks today of a call to patience. He shares how he has found blessing in living patiently despite his own sense of urgency in life, as he speaks from James 5:7-12.

Kingdom Finances

David Walker


On Valentines day David Walker asks who, or what do you love? As we face pressure in life what do we fall on and put our trust in? Today James 4:13-5:6 challenges us to examine our own approach to our finances and where we put our trust.

Kingdom Submission

John Hudson


When you are trying to hold everything together, gain control, and find a way to navigate life, Jesus offers us a new way. John Hudson speaks on what it means to submit to God’s plan in 2021. He speaks from James 4: 1-12.

Kingdom Talk

Dan Bright


This passage in James gives us some very practical reminders of the power of our words and the ways in which we are called to use them. Dan Bright speaks from James 3:1-18

Kingdom Integrity

Lorraine Briffitt


Loraine continues our series in James. She challenges us to live out our faith and demonstrate the love of God through action. Speaking today from James 2:14-26.

Kingdom Equality

John Freeman


How do we treat the person who can’t do anything for us – the poor, the marginalised and discriminated, and the unpopular. John Freeman calls us to explore our hearts as he speaks from James 2:1-13

Kingdom Living

Alyssa Carey


Alyssa Carey calls us to action as a result of our faith in Jesus. Speaking from the book of James she explores what a Kingdom Life might look like during a global pandemic. James 1:19-27

Kingdom Perseverance

David Walker


As we begin a new series, David Walker speaks about Kingdom Perseverance. We all face trials and temptations and yet these can be used by God to mature us in the faith and help us grow spiritually. These words of James are clear that temptation does not come from God, but that He can work through them. (James 1:1-18)

God With Us

David Walker


This Christmas we are more aware than ever of the importance of being together. Speaking at our Carol Service, David Walker reminds us that even though so many of us are apart, God is more present than ever.


John Hudson


How can we be certain that God is with us at all times? John Hudson speaks today from Isaiah 43: 1-7 where God promises to be with us even in the fire and trouble of life.


John Freeman


Through God’s promise of provision comes transformation. During times of great challenge and difficulty, we need to be reminded of God’s promise to provide for us. John Freeman speaks today from Isaiah 41: 8-20.


David Walker


As we focus on our own weakness and the bleak nature of this current situation, through Isaiah God reminds us of His promise of strength to those who are weak. Once again, this promise of strength is directly related to trusting God. David Walker speaks today from Isaiah 40: 27-31.


Annie Willmot


Facing invasion and removal from their spiritual home, Jerusalem, God’s people are given these words of comfort and hope. Annie unpacks how we can access and hold on to this hope in our lives right now. She speaks from Isaiah 40:1-8


John Freeman


John Freeman speaks about the path to a life well lived. He shows how the example of the people of God in Isaiah 30 invites us into the arms of a God of mercy. John speaks from Isaiah 30: 15-21.


Joy Atkins


On Remembrance Sunday Joy Atkins speaks to us about the spiritual power and importance of remembering. She speaks from Exodus 12: 12-17.


Lorraine Briffitt


The perfect peace that is spoken about in Isaiah 26:1-6 and 57:14-21 is more than just peace: it is a promise of wholeness for all those who put their trust in God. This week, Lorraine unpacks what it means to have wholeness during a time such as this.

Light in the darkness

David Walker


In Isaiah 9, we hear that there is a ray of light amongst the darkness of Israel’s sin and disobedience. David shows us how Isaiah points forward to the birth of a child who will bring justice and righteousness: a promise for Israel and for us.


John Hudson


As the fatigue and difficulty of the global pandemic leaves us feeling weary and lost, we begin a series looking to God’s promises and purposes for us in a time like this. John Hudson explores Isaiah 6 to see how we are called to respond to our own weariness.

God is doing a new thing

Nick Hill


Nick Hill is the new vicar of Whitley, and he joins us at Greyfriars as part of our vision to help resource the church across Reading. He speaks to us today about where he sees God doing a new thing in this season.

Hearing from God

Mark Iles


Mark Iles from the School for Prophecy speaks on the topic of hearing from God, ahead of the launch of the prophecy course at Greyfriars in October. He speaks from John 16:1-15.

Grow the Kingdom

Dan Bright


Dan Bright rounds off our series on what it looks like to be church in this unprecedented time. He challenges us with the call to be people who demonstrate the Kingdom of God through our actions, drawing people to God. He speaks on 1 Peter 2: 11 – 17 & 1 Peter 3: 15b – 22

Grow in Faith

David Walker


David Walker calls us to turn and face Jesus as he explores what it looks like for each of us to grow in faith in this season. He speaks from 1 Peter 1: 13-22 plus 2: 1-3.

Gather to Serve

John Freeman


John Freeman continues our series looking at what it means to be church in this new season. He explores our call to discover and use our unique God given gifts to love our town. He speaks from 1 Peter 4: 8-11.

Gather as believers

David Walker


As we begin a new term of church under Covid-19 conditions, David Walker explores how we can be church scattered across our town in this season. He speaks from 1 Peter 1:1 & 1 Peter 2:4-10.

Playing our part

Lorraine Briffitt


As we end the series exploring the Old Testament book of Ruth, Lorraine unpacks the part played by each of the characters in the story and encourages us to play our part in the story of God’s Kingdom on earth. Lorraine speaks from Ruth 4: 9-17.

Letting go of control

John Freeman


So often, the everyday ordinariness of our lives seem undramatic, but that doesn’t mean that they are unimportant. This week, John explores how God can use our lives to weave together a greater and better story. He speaks from Ruth 3:1-18.

Stay where you are

Joy Atkins


We can so easily look ahead to the future, to the bigger and better and miss the blessing we are given in the here and now. This week Joy Atkins helps us to understand the blessing God has given us in this time and to rest in the here and the now, even if it is hard work. She preaches from Ruth 2:19-23.


John Hudson


Who are you working for? An easy question to answer, but what if we are working for the wrong purpose? This week John Hudson explores how the story of Ruth in the Old Testament gives us a reason to work for God. He speaks from Ruth 2: 1-12

Love in action

Annie Willmot


Even if we think of our lives as completely ordinary, we have the power to change the world person by person as we understand the extravagant nature of God’s love. Annie explores love in the story of Ruth as we begin a 5 week series exploring the book.

She speaks from Ruth chapter 1.


David Walker


How should we pray when under pressure? David Walker explores the call to pray for boldness in times when we are squeezed and vulnerable as he speaks from Acts 4:23-31


John Freeman


As so many of us come to a place of feeling totally overwhelmed, we are reminded that God hears us as we call to him in prayer. John Freeman speaks today from Psalm 23 & Matthew 26:36-46.


Lorraine Briffitt


How can our frustrations be used in prayer? Lorraine speaks today from Revelation 6:9-11 & Psalm 13 to explore the place of bringing our frustrations into prayer.


Annie Willmot


There are times when we feel despondent and burdened, but Annie show us another way as we lay it all before God. She speaks from Numbers 11:10-15.


John Freeman


We explore the power and importance of an attitude of gratitude, even in the midst of challenging circumstances. John Freeman speaks from Philippians 1:3-11.


Joy Atkins


Joy Atkins explains that there is a place in our prayers for guilt. An approach that gets us into the right heart attitude, so that we can move through it into God’s grace and transformation. She speaks from Daniel 9: 1-19.

Obedient prayer

David Walker


We begin our new series rooted in eight prayers from the bible. Today David Walker speaks on Matthew 6: 5-15, Jesus call to pray the Lord’s Prayer.


Dan Bright


Mary’s famous prayer reminds us what it looks like to be joyful in prayer. Dan encourages us that there is a place for the Joy of the Lord in even the lowest times. He speaks on Luke 1: 46-55

A New Chapter

John Freeman


On Pentecost Sunday, John Freeman speaks of the power of prayer to transform our lives. He brings us a message from Acts 2:1-14a, 37-39.

New Access

David Walker


What should our response be to the promises in Joel of an outpouring of the Spirit. David Walker explores the access we have to the power of God as we respond to him.
He speaks from Joel 2: 28-32.

New Life

John Hudson


How should we respond in a crisis time like we are facing during Covid-19. Ezekiel has a vision of a God who is calling us forward and the blessing on offer as we respond well. John Hudson speaks from Ezekiel 47: 1-12.

New Gifts

Dan Bright


Dan Bright unpacks what it means to receive gifts from God and what it might be that you are called to at this time. He speaks from 1 Corinthians 12: 1-14.

Rooted in the Spirit

David Walker


David Walker looks at how our character can be transformed as we become rooted more deeply in the Spirit, as he speaks from Galatians 5:13-26.

A new creation

John Freeman


John Freeman introduces our new series “Life Transformed” with a look at what it means to be a new creation.

Abundant Love

Lorraine Briffitt


In the conclusion to our series in John Lorraine reminds us that the Love of Jesus reaches out to us no matter where we are. He challenges us to follow Him.

Easter Day

David Walker


David Walker continues in our Abundant Life series, speaking from John 20 of the difference the resurrection makes in the lives of every person.

Good Friday Meditation

John Freeman


John Freemen leads us through the events of Good Friday. With readings and pause for prayer we are led to the cross where Jesus died as a sacrifice, once and for all, to provide forgiveness and new life for us.

Maundy Thursday

Joy Atkins


An interactive family service. Helped by the Girdler family Joy looks at the activities of the day including the last supper.

God’s Glory

Annie Willmot


Annie looks at the start of Jesus’ prayer and how it helps us to focus on the glory of God. She encourages us to see how the presence of Jesus living in us helps us to focus on God and his glory.


John Freeman


John Freeman looks at Jesus’ prayer in John 17 and encourages us to embrace the relationship of unity in love

Take Heart

David Walker


In our first Church Online Stream, our Vicar, David Walker, talks from John 16, speaking on how we can take heart in light of the what is happening in the world right now, and how we can be the abundant life of Jesus in our homes and communities.

Remain in Me

John Freeman


John Freeman looks at Jesus’ words “Remain in Me”. and the freedom that can be found in Him

Perfect Peace

Joy Atkins


Joy looks at the peace that can com from a life walking in partnership with Jesus and the Holy Spirit

Living in your calling

John Hudson


John Hudson looks at how what happened at a funeral in Bethany can give you a framework to discover your own unique calling in life. The passage today is John 11, the raising of Lazarus.

Good Shepherd

John Freeman


John Freeman continues our series in John’s Gospel. He looks at the need to hear and follow the voice and direction of the Good Shepherd

God’s Glory

David Walker


David explains Jesus’ approach to the blind man in John 9:1-12 and God’s glory at work through him.

True freedom

Annie Willmot


Annie speaks on John chapter 8:31-47 and the freedom that comes from seeing Jesus for who He really is.

Living Water

Jonny Alden


Jonny speaks about Jesus’ words in John chapter 7 and what it means to receiving living water.

Letting Go

David Walker


David Walker speaks about John 4:27-42 and the spiritual blindness of the disciples, compared to the faith of the Samaritan woman. Like the Samaritan woman, we are called to let go of trying to control the world around us, and trust Jesus.


John Freeman


John Freeman continues our series in John’s Gospel, with John 3. What have you come looking for? This was the question Jesus asked Nicodemus. He came looking for a teacher, but Jesus showed him so much more – a new life, healing and restoration. John challenged us to trust fully in Him and to live the life Jesus can bring.

Abundant Faith

David Walker


David Walker continues our journey through John, exploring John 2:1-11. What will your year look like when you lean your whole weight upon Jesus and expect Him to work through you?

Believe in Jesus

John Freeman


John Freeman introduces our new series on the Gospel of John, speaking from John 1 v1-18.

Peace – Do not be afraid

John Freeman


John continues with our theme of Peace at Christmas. He looks at the instruction given to the shepherds, “do not be afraid” and what this means for us. Luke 2:8-20

Christmas Carol Service – Find Peace

David Walker


David shares with us the message of how to find peace this Christmas

Compassion Sunday – Matthew 2:1-11

Visiting Speaker


James Waddell shares about the work of Compasssion UK



Advent Sunday – Isaiah 40

David Walker


As we enter this season of Advent, David spoke on the theme of waiting and how God uses our waiting for His purposes

Greater Vision (630 Service) – Hebrews 12

Joy Atkins


Joy rounds off our series in Hebrews by looking at our call to persevere in the faith by fixing our eyes on Jesus.

Greater Vision (930 Service) – Hebrews 12

Annie Willmot

Annie Willmot rounds off our series in Hebrews by reminding us to run the race of life in community with other followers of Christ, so that whatever life throws at us we will end strong.

Greater Call – Hebrews 10 and 11

John Hudson


John continues our series in Hebrews with a reminder of the importance of foundations and faith.

Greater Sacrifice – Hebrews 9 and 10

David Walker


Jesus is the only perfect sacrifice for our sins, and provides total forgiveness.

Greater Representative (930 Service) – Hebrews 4 and 7

John Freeman


John reminds us that far from God not involving himself in our world He sent his Son to intervene for us.

Greater Representative (630 Service) – Hebrews 4 and 7

Dan Bright

Jesus being our High Priest and our intercessor to the Father.

Greater Rest – Hebrews 4

David Walker


David continues in our series on Hebrews with a challenge to look at what true rest means

Greater Glory – Hebrews 3

John Hudson


John Hudson shows us how to find hope and certainty when all around us seems so uncertain, as we continue working through Hebrews in our series called ‘Greater’.

Greater Holiness – Hebrews 2

John Freeman


John Freeman continues our series in Hebrews. We are reminded that we have a great calling but through sin we have created a great mess. John encourages us in the fact that we have a saviour who is able to bring restoration.

How God speaks to us today

David Walker


David Walker begins a new series in Hebrews by exploring how God has spoken through all of time, and how we can know what he has for us today.

Questions of our time

David Walker


Our vicar, David Walker, responds to audience questions around Brexit, the environment, new students and the vision for Reading.


Joy Atkins

On One Family Sunday David and Joy explore what unity means to us as they explore John 17.

Build the Church

Sean Green


God is building us into his Kingdom here in Reading.  Sean draws from Matthew 16:13-28 to show us that we need to find the awesome out of the awkward and to be prepared to move forward in faith.

Seek the Kingdom

John Freeman


What does it mean to seek the Kingdom today in Reading? John looks at what we can learn from the parables of the Mustard Seed, Weeds and the Net in Matthew 13:31-35 & 44-52.

Proclaim the Gospel

David Walker


David explores what it means to proclaim the Gospel in our lives, drawing on the example in Matthew 4:12-25.

Unlikely Heroes – Timothy – 2 Timothy 1:1-14

John Freeman


With the help of Bilbo Baggins John concludes this series with a look at what we can learn from the example of Timothy.  He encourages that even though we might be timid and reluctant to recognise that:  God has saved us, called us and He will equip us.  He challenged us to be prepared to step out and allow God to fan embers into flames

Unlikely Heroes – Elizabeth – Luke 1:5-25

Joy Atkins


Joy looks at how Elizabeth listened to God and made herself available to what He had for her to do.  Joy challenges us to be encouragers, to listen God more and to be surendered and ready to respond quickly and with freedoom to His call.  If we can seek Jesus, his help and his direction then we can find ourselves living fearless lives.

Unlikely Heroes – Esther – Esther 2:5-11,17&18 & 5:1-8

Jonny Alden


We look at what we can learn from the life of this week’s unlikely hero – Esther.  Jonny encourages us to consider three lessons.  Firstly God works through the small and the weak.  Esther was scared yet was prepared to do what she was called to do.  Secondly Esther used what God had placed in her hand.  Jonny challenges us to think through what it is that God has put in our hands that he wants us to use.  Finally Esther chose faith over fear.  We may find this difficult but like Esther we need to place our trust in God’s goodness.

Unlikely Heroes – Ruth – Ruth 1:3-5, 15-18 & 4:13-22

John Freeman


-Ruth is the next unlikely hero we look at.  John uses the life of Ruth to illustrate how God is present and working even if He is unseen.  He challenges us to be faithul in the small things so that God can build his big plan since fruitfulness comes from faithfulness over time.  In response John asked us to consider what act of ordinary faithfulness is God asking us to focus on.

Unlikely Heroes – Moses – Exodus 3:1-14

Annie Willmot


As we continue our series looking at unlikely heroes Annie exanines how God worked through Moses.  She challenges us to step out in faith and to remember that God is awesome and Holy, He loves us unconditionally and is daily shaping us to be more like him and that we are invited to be part of His plans.

Unlikely Heroes – Jacob – Genesis 32:22-30

David Walker


David introduces our new series looking at how God drew alongside Jacob to touch him and transform his life and allowed there to be reconciliation.  He reminds us that through Jesus God wants to do the same with us.

God of Turnaround – God’s Bigger Picture – Genesis 50:15-26

Lorraine Briffitt


Lorraine concludes our series looking at the life of Joseph by reminding us that God is the one who is writing our story.  She challenges us to think about what is God calling us to do.

God of Turnaround – Forgiveness & Reconciliation – Genesis 45:1-15 & 25-28

David Walker


Reconciliation is never easy.  David looks at how Joseph moves forward.  He suggests that the model we see in the Bible is one based on mercy and not anger.  He looked at the example of the parable of the prodigal son and how that, together with the actions of Joseph point us towards the reconciling work of Jesus on the Cross

God of Turnaround – Facing the Past – Genesis 42:1-26 & 35-38

John Freeman


Looking at the challenges Joseph faced in his life, John reminds us that our past does not need to define our future.  That we do not need to continue to feel guilty about things in our past because there is forgiveness through the cross.  He challenges us to look at what might be holding us back and to give our concerns and past to Jesus and allow our relationship with Him to define our future.

God of Turnaround – Genesis 41:1-16 – Joseph; Obedience and Boldness

David Walker


David continue our series looking at the life of Joseph.  His challenge for us from this weeks passage is whether we are being obedient to what God has called us to do?

God of Turnaround – Temptation and Trust – Gen 39:1-23

Dan Bright


We all suffer from temptation and Joseph was no different.  Dan highlights how the story of Joseph points towards Jesus.  He remind us that through the cross Jesus provides forgiveness and encourages to look to the cross for strength.

Baptism Service am – 1 Peter 1:17 – 2:5 – Archbishop of Canterbury

Visiting Speaker

God of Turnaround – Joseph; the Father’s love – Genesis 37:12-36

David Walker


David continues our series looking at the life of Joseph.  He reminds us that just as Jacob loved Joseph and wanted the best for him, so our Heavenly Father loves us much more and has the very best plan for our lives.

Pentecost – Acts 10:34-38

Sarah Jones


Sarah reflects on the events of the first Pentecost and invites us to seek more of the Holy Spirit in our lives

God of Turnaround – Dreams and Jealousy – Genisis 37:1-11

Andy Storch


Andy introduces our new series looking at the life of Joseph

Resurrection Life – Ressurrection Opposition – Acts 5:17-32

David Walker


David concludes our series in Acts by reminding us that somtimes the Christian life has trials and tribulations but this is part of our loving father’s plan to refine us and bring us closer to Him.

Resurrection Life – Resurrection Prayer – Acts 4:23-31

Sarah Jones


“Sarah explores why we find it hard to pray and reminds us that faith-filled prayer is all about faith in a great God and is vital in the spiritual battle we face as Christians”.

Resurrection Boldness – 1 Peter1:1-20 (am) John Dunnett

Visiting Speaker


John continues our series looking at resurrection life.  He focuses in on our life as exciles in a secular world.  He looks at the hope the resurrection gives us while walking through the struggles of daily life.  John concludes with a challenge that resurection boldness is about practicing Christlikeness

Resurrection Boldness – Acts 4:1-20 (pm)

Joy Atkins

Joy continues in our series looking at living a resurrection life.  She challenges us to step out in boldness taking hold of the power of that comes to us through the resurrection of Jesus.

Resurrection Life – Resurrection Healing – Acts 1:1-10

John Hudson


John Hudson looks at how we can all live extraordinary lives. Calling us to tune in to the voice of the Spirit of God that lives in each one of us so that we will know the heart of the Father.

Resurrection Life – Mark 8:34-38 & 16:14-20

David Walker


Following on from the events of Easter, David looks at what the resurrection means to us and how it can impact our lives.

Palm Sunday – Matthew 21:1-77

Sarah Jones


Sarah talks about the temptation of wanting to skip the events of Holy Week straight to Easter Sunday and the resurrection.  But that in doing so would ignore all the suffering Jesus endured for us.  She leaves us with the challenge of how much are we prepared to give up for Jesus.

Joyful Generousity – An adventure in faith – Romans 12:

David Walker


David winds up our series on generousity looking at the adventure that living in faith can be.  He challenges us to think what could be achieved if we are all pulling together.

Mothering Sunday – Romans 12:9-21

Annie Willmot


With the help of some Duplo Annie helps us to understand the strength of living in community

Joyful Generosity – Generosity of God’s people – 1 Kings 17:8-16 & Matthew 27:57-60

David Walker


As we come to the end of our series on Joyful Generosity David looks at what it means to be generous as God’s people.  He challenges us to look at our personal situation and consider how we can demonstrate generosity.

Joyful Generosity – Acts 4 & Acts 6 – Generosity of the Church

John Hudson


With the help of an illustration about bees John encourages us to take a look at what it means to be a generous church.  Are we joyful givers giving without thought of what might we get in return, or are we more grudging in our giving?  John reminds us of the generosity of God our Father in sending Jesus.

The Temptation of Christ – Luke 4:1-13 – 11.30 am

Ann Cogle


At the start of Lent Ann looks at what we can learn from the temptation of Jesus as we prepare ourselves for Lent

Bishop Andrew – Baptism and Confirmation service

Visiting Speaker

Bishop Andrews encourages our candidates, and the rest of us, that through baptism we are standing together with Jesus and he is standing with us.

Joyful Generosity – The Generosity of God – Luke 7:36-47

Dan Bright


With the help of a set of scales Dan introduces our new series on generosity.  He reminds us that the best model of generosity is that shown by God in giving Himself to us to restore a relationship with him.  He challenged us rather than comparing ourselves to others we need to compare ourselves to God’s standard.  Gods sacrifice has paid our debt in full.  As we see the generosity of God to us we are challenged to be more generous in our lives.

God Wins – Paradise Regained – Rev 22:6-21

Fiona Pollard


Fiona concludes our series in revelation and leaves us with the question “how thirsty are we for God?”

God Wins – Rev 20:1-15- Justice Served

David Walker


David takes us through this chapter in the penultimate sermon in our series on Revelation.  He reminds us that while the Devil is down he is not yet out yet God is more powerful and that the final conflict is the outworking of Jesus’ victory through the cross and resurrection.  He encourages us that we have been called to reign with Jesus and that we can be confident that we have been made righteous through his blood.  Finally he challenges us to ask God who he is leading us towards to share the good news of his love and salvation.

God Wins – Evil Defeated – Rev 19:1-16

Joy Atkins


Joy reminds us that while the victory has been one there are still battles to fight.  She gives us some practical guidance on what weapons we can employ.

God Wins – Conquering Lamb – Rev 14:1-12

Dan Bright


Dan looks at the battle won.  Encourages us to take up our armor, to realise that Jesus has won the victory – that we are on His team.  Having taken that on board Dan encourages us to consider, what to him, is the most important question coming out of this passage – where are we with Jesus?

God Wins – Sounding Trumpets – Revelation 8 – 11

David Walker


David reminds us that far from being called to a life on a luxury cruise our role is to be in the lifeboat rescuing lost souls.

God Wins – God Enthroned – Rev 4:1-11

Andy Storch


Andy continues our series on Revelation.  He looks at the access we can have to the throne of God through what Jesus has done for us.

God Wins – Christ Revealed – Revelations 1:1-8

David Walker


David Walker challenges us to read the Revelations together as a church during this series of sermons. In the sermon David guides us through the Seven Churches described in the first three chapters, helping us understanding the meaning and importance of these chapters.

New Year, New Beginning – Colossians 1:15-23

Hayley Searle-Barnes


Hayley challenges us to consider how we keep Jesus central in our lives and what difference this will make to us in the coming year.

Light of the World – Advent 4 – Luke 1:26-38

Sarah Jones


Sarah Jones takes us through the reading in Luke 1:26-38, and challenges us on how we should respond to this during the Christmas time

Strange Christmas – Krish Kandiah – John 1:1-14

Visiting Speaker


Krish Kandiah challenges us to further understand God’s love for us by how He has adopted us into His family, how Jesus is the light of the world and the way to be part of God’s family and how we can share this love with others.

Light in the Darkness- Eternal Light – Rev 21:22 – 22:6

David Walker


Light in the darkness – living in light – Ephesians 5:11-18, Revelation 1:12-18

Sarah Jones


Sarah reminds us that we are called to live in the light and that we can find great strength through living in the light that Christ brings.

Tough Questions – Will van der Hart – Looking at Mental Health

Visiting Speaker


In the next in our occasional series “Tough Questions” Will van der Hart (founder of the Mind and Soul Foundation) tackles the issue of mental health.

Light in the Darkness – The Hope of Light – Isaiah 60 v 1-3, 19-22 and John 8 v 12

David Walker


Light in the darkness – Light rejected – Isaiah 5:20-25, John 3:19-21

Sarah Jones


Light in the darkness – Genesis 1:1-19

John Hudson


John introduces our new series.  With the help of some props he points out that we need to be plugged into the right source if the light of God is going to be able to shine through.

Sharing the Story – It’s Hard – 1 Cor 1:18- 2:5

Sarah Jones


Concluding our series on sharing the story we are reminded that it is not always an easy thing to do.  Sarah reminds us that all we are called to do is to share what we know and to leave the results to the Holy Spirit.  She encourages us that we have not failed if having shared our story is rejected as we are called to be obedient understanding that our contribution adds to the overall full picture.

Sharing the Story – How to share – Acts 9:10-19

David Walker


David takes a look at a little known figure – Annanias – to see what we can learn about how to share our story.  He shows us how Annanias was obedient, faithful and loving in how he shared the message of Jesus with Saul, who went onto become the Apostle Paul.  David reminds us that sharing what we know of Jesus could have far reaching effects which we may know nothing about.  He challenges us that the most loving thing we can do for someone else is to point them to Christ, and to recognise that now one is beyond help.

School of Theology Live – Rob Merchant

Visiting Speaker


Following on from the streamed series earlier in the year we welcome Rev. Rob Merchant who will speak on the subject of:

“Ageing and the end of life”

Share the Story – Who do we tell? – 2 Kings 5:1-19 & 1 Thess 2:8 am service

Joy Atkins


Joy continues our series on how to share our story with a look at who to share with.  She encourages us to be open to the prompting of the Spirit and to be confident to share our story and to leave the results to God

Share the Story – Who do we tell? – 2 Kings 5:1-19 & 1 Thess 2:8

Visiting Speaker

As part of our youth service James Pickin from Tear Fund encourages us to look at the opportunities that we have in our day to day life to share our stories of what God has done for us

Share the Story – What is the Story? – Romans 10:8-15 – Rachel Turner

Visiting Speaker


Rachel encourages us to not be daunted by what we should be sharing.  She reminds us that we do not need to share the whole gospel, which can be intimidating, but to be ready to share bite sized stories about what Jesus has done for us.

School of Theology Live – Rob Merchant – Aging and the end of life

Visiting Speaker


Rob unpacks for us some of the theology behind Aging and the end of life.

Sharing the Story – Why Bother – Jonah 4:1-11; Matthew 9:35-38

Hayley Searle-Barnes


Hayley introduces our new series looking at how we can effectively share the good news of Jesus Christ.  Hayley encourages, and challenges us to step out of our comfort zone in sharing what we know of Jesus.

Vision – Christ Transforming Reading – John 4:27-42

David Walker


David concludes our series looking at the vision of Greyfriars with a focus on Reading Transformed.  He encourages us to look at how Jesus has worked in our lives and to share our stories and to allow change to flow out from us.  From the passage we see that there is an invitation to “come and see” and then to hear a story of transformation.  We all can share our story. Secondly there is an encouragement to trust in Christ’s power and to remember whose power is at work.  No matter how weak or ill equipped we may feel in our lives God can work through us.  David encourages us to use God’s mighty weapons to begin to move out and see transformation flow out from us.

Having considered our response in praying and giving this Sunday we look at a response focused on Serving.  To see more about areas that need help click here Current Service Opportunities.  You can find out more about the wider opportunities here:- Service Booklet

Vision – Transformed Church – John 4:27 – 38

David Walker


David continues our series looking at the Vision of Greyfriars.  This week we look at what it means to be part of a transformed church.  We look at the healing and acceptance that comes from new life in Christ.  How we are continually redeemed and restored and that through this process our lives revel the truth of who Christ is.  David reminds us that a transformed church is marked by Healing, Holiness, Obedience and Generosity.  During the series we will be focusing our response in three areas – prayer, giving and serving.  This week we are encouraged to respond with a prayerful look at how we give.

Vision – Christ Transforming Us – John 4:1-26

David Walker


David begins our series looking at Greyfriars Vision to see Reading transformed by the love and power of Jesus.  He looks at the need for us to be transformed by the power of Christ in our lives and that as we see this transformation in us it will begin to flow outward.

He challenges us with three questions from the passage:

Do we need transformation?  What does transformation look like?  Are we hungry for more of Christ in our lives?

You can download the prayer guide here Greyfriars Vision Prayer Guide

Action Heroes – Priscilla & Aquila – Acts 11:4, 18-19 & 24-26

Sarah Jones


In the last of our summer series looking at the action heroes of Acts Sarah sees what we can learn from the actions of Priscilla and Aquilla.

Action Heroes – Paul – Acts 17:8-11 & 33-44

Jonathan Thatcher


Jonathan looks at how Paul dealt with difficult situations in his life.  He encourages us to recognise that God allows us to go through these times as part of making us the person he wants us to be.  He challenges us that if we are not currently experiencing hardship to be investing and preparing for when these times come.

Action Heroes – Lydia – Acts 16:11-15

Fiona Pollard


Fiona encourages us to consider where is God looking to take us and what new challenges does he want us to say yes to.

Action Heroes – Peter – Acts 12:5-17

Dan Bright


Dan unpacks Peter’s miraculous escape from prison with a focus on freedom and stepping out in the spirit.

Action Heroes – Acts 11:19-26 – Barnabas

Hayley Searle-Barnes


Hayley continues our summer series in Acts with a look at Barnabas the encourager.

Action Heroes – Paul & Barnabas – Acts 14:8-20

David Walker


David begins our series in Acts looking at the visit of Paul and Barnabas to Lystra and Derbe

Walk to Freedom – Freedom’s Joy – Exodus 40:1-5 & 34-38 am

Annie Willmot


Annie concludes our series in Exodus with a reminder that God still guides today as he did with the Israelites.

Walk to Freedom – Freedom’s Joy – Exodus 40:1-5 & 34-38

Dan Bright


Walk to Freedom – Freedom to be Shared – Exodus 34:29-35 & 2 Cor 3:7-18


Andy continues our series in Exodus.  He reminds us that in the difficult times, the good times and the new times there is good news to be shared.  Let our light shine!

Walk to Freedom – Freedom under Threat Exodus 32:1-14


This week Sarah looks at how we can experience freedom even in the face of threats.  She focuses on how Jesus brings us that Freedom.

Walk to Freedom – Living in Freedom – Ex 19:3-13


John continues our series in Exodus considering what it means to live in freedom.

Walk to Freedom – Exodus 16:1-18 -Freedom to Trust

David Walker


David continues our series in Exodus  with a look at how God met the needs of the Israelites through the provision of Manna and Quail.  He looks at the lessons we can learn about trusting God.

Tough Questions – Is Christianity Sexist?

Visiting Speaker


Dr. Amy Orr-Ewing Director of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics challenges us as she tackles the Tough Question “Is Christianity Sexist?”

Baptism Service – John 3:1-8

Visiting Speaker


Bishop Andrew looks at Nicodemus’s encounter with Jesus and what lessons we can learn.

Walk to Freedom – Passover – Exodus 11:1 & 12:21-30

Sarah Jones


Sarah continues our series in Exodus with a look at the Passover.  She considers how in times of despair, when we ask where is our God, that the Passover reminds us that he is the one that brought Israel out of Egypt.  She looks at how the Passover points forward to the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and the freedom that His sacrifice can bring to us.

Walk to Freedom – Exodus 3 v 1-15 pm

Dan Bright


Walk to Freedom – Exodus 3:1-15 am

Joy Atkins

Joy introduces our new series looking at the book of Exodus.  She challenges us to live out the freedom that has been won for us by Jesus.

Pentecost – Acts 2-1-21

Hayley Searle-Barnes


Hayley looks at the events of the first Pentecost.  She challenges us to be followers of Christ that are prepared to proclaim the will of God in the power of the Holy Spirit so that all who call on the name of the lord may be saved.

LIVING LIKE CHRIST – In Humility and Endurance 1 Peter 5:1-11

David Walker


David leads us through this passage.  He reminds us of the challenge of facing up to a hungry lion and encourages us in how to stand firm.  He reminds us of the importance of taking up the full armour of God on a daily basis.

LIVING LIKE CHRIST – holy and loving – 1 Peter 4:1-11 – am

Sarah Jones


LIVING LIKE CHRIST – holy and loving – 1 Peter 4:1-11- pm

Joy Atkins

Living Like Christ – Being a True Witness – 1 Peter 3:8-22

John Hudson


John looks at the challenge to make difficult choices in our walk with Christ, reminding us why it is that we are called to live this way.

Living Like Christ – Submitting To Others – 1 Peter 2:11 – 3:7

Dan Bright


Dan takes a look at this passage and challenges us to be different.  He asked us whether, if life were a spot the difference competition would our lives as followers of Jesus would make us stand out as different.  In a different approach Dan used emoji’s to illustrate his talk.  If you would like to see click here Dan Bright 1 Peter 2

Living Like Christ – A New Identity 1 Peter 2-1-10

David Walker


David reminds us of the wonderful fact that we are accepted, called, loved and forgiven.  He encouraged us to think about who we are listening to.

Living Like Christ – Saved and Holy – 1 Peter 1:1-16

Hayley Searle-Barnes


Haley introduces our new series on 1 Peter.  She reminds us of all that Jesus has done for us through his death and resurrection.

Easter Sunday – PM – Luke 24

Sarah Jones


Sarah looks at the miracle of the first Easter.  She challenges us that if we have never experienced the resurrection power of Jesus in our lives to invite Him enter our life and accept the gift of his resurrection for ourselves

Easter Sunday Morning – Luke 24

David Walker

David talks about the miracle of resurrection and looks at the joyful events of the first Easter

Palm Sunday – Matthew 21:1-11 – pm

Joy Atkins


In this week running up to Easter Joy looks at the events of the first Palm Sunday and considers the impact on us today

Palm Sunday – Matthew 21:1-11 – am

Andy Storch

Andy Storch guides us through the events of the first Palm Sunday.  He encourages us to think through which of the various scenes we would fit into and which character we would be.

The Beatitudes – Blessed are the Persecuted – Matt 5:10-12 & 1 Peter 4:12-19

David Walker


The Beatitudes – Blessed are the Persecuted – Matt 5:10-12 & 1 pet 4:12-19 (PM service)

Fiona Pollard

The Beatitudes – Blessed are the Peacemakers – Matt. 5: 6 & 9 and Colossians 1:19-23

John Hudson


John continues our series on the Beatitudes looking at blessed are those who hunger & thirst for righteousness and blessed are the peacemakers.  He encourages us that we are part of God’s plan to bring righteousness on earth.  He points out that we should be peace bringers to those in our direct circle of influence.  He also challenges us that if we do not know the peace of knowing Jesus.  The gift of his peace then we need to turn to God and come to him.

Blessed are the Meek – Matt 5:5-8 & Psalm 51:10-17

Sarah Jones


Sarah continues our series looking at the Beatitudes.  She challenges us that we need to be involved in daily heartwork and that our starting place is recognising that we do not have pure hearts.

The Beatitudes – Blessed are those who mourn – Matt. 5:4 & 7 and Isaiah 61:1 – 4 (am service)

Annie Willmot


Annie Willmot continues our series on the Beatitudes looking at those who mourn and those who are merciful.

The Beatitudes – Blessed are those who mourn – Matt. 5:4 & 7 and Isaiah 61:1 – 4 (pm service)

David Walker

David continues our series looking at the Beatitudes.  He reminds us of the challenges that face both those who are mourning and how we should respond and support them.

The Beatitudes – Blessed are the poor in spirit – Matt. 5:1 – 3 & Deut. 8:10 – 18

Dan Bright


Dan introduces our series looking at the Beatitudes.  He reminds us that without Christ we are all poor in spirit and that we should come as we are to Jesus who wants to show us the Kingdom of Heaven.  He points out that the Beatitudes are attributes of the whole church, unlike spiritual gifts which are individual.

Prepare for the Storm – Trust in God – Matt 8:23-27

David Walker


David reminds us that in life we will face storms and that as Christians we are not exempt.  He encourages us to plan ahead and to create a storm shelter ready for when the storm breaks.  He reminds us when the going gets tough we need to trust in God to see us through.

Click here to see the video David refers to in his sermon Huddle against the storm

This is Church – A Missional Community – Mark 16:14-20

David Walker


David concludes our series looking at what it means to “be Church” with a reminder that we are called to look outward – to be missionaries where we are.

This is Church – A Missional Community – Bishop Andrew am service

Bishop Andrew encouraged us to be a church living on the outside.    To feel the glory of god flowing out through us into the world.  He encouraged us to  have the courage to live outdoor lives.  And he reminded us that our core purpose making Christians new and making new Christians.

This is Church – A Growing Community – Mark 10:35-45


Joy challenges us to look at what love looks like in a church setting and encourages us that a result of how we love will be a desire to serve.  As a church we were encouraged to consider where we might get involved.  A booklet of different areas of ministry has been produced to help us prayerfully consider what God would have us do.  It is also a great resource to help inform us in our prayers for those who are serving. This is Church – Service Booklet

This is Church – A Generous Community – Mark 12:41-44

David Walker


David continues our series focusing our thoughts towards our giving.  He encouraged us to look to God for direction as to what we should be giving.

To see more about supporting the church go to the Giving and Serving page of the website.

This is Church – A Gathered Church

Sarah Jones


Sarah encourages us on the importance of meeting together for corporate support and encouragement, because we are hungry to be in the presence of Jesus and because we long to have our hunger satisfied as we are fed.

This is Church – A Praying Community – Mark 1:35-39

David Walker


David introduces our new series on what it means to be Church.  Today we look at the importance of being a praying community.  David encourages us to look at the why, what, when of prayer and challenges us to take a new focus on prayer in our lives.

Christ will Come Again – Matt 1:18-25

Sarah Jones


Carol Service – The Christmas Connection


J John points us towards the true meaning of Christmas and challenges us, if we have not done so, to open the gift that God has given us in Jesus Christ.

God With Us – Matthew 1:1-17 pm

Joy Atkins


God With Us – Matthew 1:1-17 – am

Anthony Wisdom

Anthony encourages us to look towards Christmas, and the celebration of the birth of Jesus with expectation

Micah 7:7-10, 14-20 – A message of compassion – David Walker

David Walker


Micah 7:7-10, 14-20 – A message of compassion – Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones

Micah 6:6-8 – A Message about true worship

Sarah Jones


Micah 4:1-5, 5:2-4 – A Message of Hope pm Service

Joy Atkins


Joy continues our series in Micah

Micah 4:1-5, 5:2-4 – A Message of Hope am Service

David Walker

David continues our series looking at the book of Micah.  He reminds us that God has a plan, a perfect plan, and when life gets troubled and difficult we need to look to him for reassurance.

Micah – A Message Against Injustice – Micah 2:1-2, 6-11 & 3:9-12


Bishop Steven continues our series in Micah with a challenging look at where we see injustice around us

Micah – A Message of Sorrow – Micah 1:1-9

David Walker


David introduces our new series looking at the book of Micah

Tough Questions – The Environment

Visiting Speaker


In the first in our occasional series looking at tough questions, Mari Ovsepyan from the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics encourages us to look at the impact we are having on our environment.  She challenges us to question our way of life with a view to reducing the impact we have on our world.

Spirit Filled Life – The Mission of the Spirit – Acts 8:26-40

Sarah Jones


Sarah concludes our series on the Spirit Filled Life .  She challenges us to see that what we have heard about in previous weeks points in one direction and that is towards mission. She encourages us to be open to the work that the Spirit wants us to do and asks the question how available are we God and his purposes.   She reminds us that our job is to be available to point others to Jesus.

Spirit Filled Life – Gifts of the Spirit (Pt. 2) – 1 Cor. 12:1-11

Joy Atkins


Joy completes our look at the Gifts of the Spirit.  She challenged us over the effective use of the gift of faith,  healing, and miraculous works. She encourages us to ask God for his gifts.

Spirit Filled Life – Gifts of the Spirit Pt 1 – 1 Cor. 12:1-11

David Walker


David takes the first of two sessions looking at the gifts of the Spirit.  He reminds us that as a body we are made up of many parts with different gifts.  He challenges us to ask: what gifts have you given me, and what is the purpose of these gifts?

Spirit Filled Life – Fruit of the Spirit – Galatians 5:16-26

David Walker


David looks at conflicts in life through the filter of the fruit of the Spirit and shows us how love underpins each of the fruit.

Spirit Filled Life – Who can be filled and how? – Joel 2:28 – 32 & Acts 10:44 – 48

John Hudson


John Hudson challenges us to open up our thinking with regards to the filling of our lives by the Holy Spirit

Spirit Filled Life – Who is the Spirit? – John 14:15-26

David Walker


David continues our series looking at the person of the Holy Spirit

Spirit Filled Life – Do we need the Spirit – Ezekiel 37:1-14

Sarah Jones


Sarah introduces our new series on the Spirit Filled Life.  Looking at Ezekiel’s prophecy of the dry bones she reminds us of how God forms and then fills us with His Spirit enabling us to see things in a different way.

Jesus Meets …. The Desperate Mark 5:24-34

Hayley Searle-Barnes


Hayley concludes our series on Encounters with Jesus with a look at how a chronically ill woman believes Jesus can heal her.  Her encounter with Jesus sees her healed and so much more.

Jesus Meets the ….. Untouchable – Mark 1:40-45

Sarah Jones


Sarah encourages us by looking at how Jesus related to the untouchables of his day. She challenged us as to how we can respond.

Jesus Meets……..The Collaborator 7.00pm – Dan Bright – Luke 19 v1 – 10

Dan Bright


Dan continues our series looking at how an encounter with Jesus changed everything for Zacchaeus, and how we can experience the same change in our lives.

Jesus Meets ….. The Grieving – Luke 7:11-17

Tom Girdler


Tom continues our series looking at the circumstances surrounding the raising of the widow of Nain’s son

Jesus Meets ….. the Privileged – Mark 10:17-31

John Hudson


Jesus Meets ….. The Outcast – John 4:7-26 – 6.30pm

David Walker


David introduces our new series of people who met Jesus with a look at his encounter with the Samaritan women.

Jesus Meets ….. The Outcast – John 4:7-26 11.30am

Leonard Onugha

Leonard introduces our new series with an interesting look at the story of the Samaritan woman

Faith Under Pressure – Injustice – Daniel 6

Sarah Jones


Sarah concludes our series in Daniel with a look at how to manage when we feel hard done by.

Faith Under Pressure – Self Love – Daniel 5

David Walker


Faith Under Pressure – Pride – Daniel 4

Fiona Pollard


Faith Under Pressure – Idolatry – Daniel 3

Joy Atkins


Joy looks at the pressures we all face when our priorities in life displace our faith in Jesus. An challenges us to stand up against conforming.

Faith Under Pressure – Fear – Daniel 2

Andy Storch


Using Daniel 2 Andy gives us some good guidance on how to deal with the challenge of fear in our lives.

Faith Under Pressure – Daniel 1:1-20

David Walker


David introduces our new series on the book of Daniel – Faith Under Pressure.  What does it mean to take a stand rather than to conform?  How can we stand together in community.

Who we are in Christ – Spirit Filled – Ephesians 6:10-20

Dan Bright


Dan challenges to be outward looking and missional as a result of being filled with the spirit

Who we are in Christ – Relational – Ephesians 5:23-33

David Walker


David challenges us to consider how our walk with Christ should influence and affect our relationships

Who we are in Christ – Holy – Ephesians 4:7-24 & 5:8-14 pm service

Hayley Searle-Barnes


Who we are in Christ – Holy – Ephesians 4:7- 24 & 5:8-14 am service

Visiting Speaker

We continue our series in Ephesians with a look at what it means to be Holy in Christ

Who we are in Christ – United Ephesians 4:1-16

Philip Giddings


Who we are in Christ – Messengers Ephesians 3:1-13

Sarah Jones


Sarah looks at what it means to be God’s messengers and challenges us to look at how we reflect his love around us

Who we are in Christ – Transformed – Ephesians 2: 1-10

David Walker


David continues our series in Ephesians looking at the transforming power of Jesus Christ

Who we are in Christ – Chosen – Ephesians 1 v 3-14

Philip Giddings


Easter Sunday Evening – John 21 1 – 17

David Walker


David looks at some of the events following the resurection

Maundy Thursday – John 13 1-17

Sarah Jones


Sarah Jones considers the events surrounding the Last Supper and in particular the significance of Jesus washing the disciples feet

What did Jesus Say ……… about money and possessions – Matt. 6:19-24

Simon Thomas


How much is enough?  Simon considers the challenge presented by possessions, or lack of.  He looks at what Jesus had to say about what we own and how we should give.

What did Jesus Say? ……… Love your enemies Matt 5:38-48

Sarah Jones


Sarah deals with the tricky question of what it means to love our enemies

What did Jesus say about ………. Life’s Worries – Matthew 6:25-34

Fiona Pollard


Fiona looks at what lessons we can learn from the Sermon on the Mount about handling what life throws at us.

What did Jesus say about ….. Relationships – Matt 5:21 – 32

David Walker


David continues our series on the Sermon on the Mount with a challenging look how we should manage our relationships with others

What did Jesus say about…… Distinctive Living – Matthew 5-13-20

John Hudson


John continues our series on the Sermon on the Mount challenging us to be different in the way we live our lives.

What Did Jesus Say …. Our Character – Matthew 5:1-12 – pm

Dan Bright


Dan Bright introduces our new series on the Sermon on the Mount with a look at what Jesus said about our character

What Did Jesus Say …. Our Character – Matthew 5:1-12 – am

Anthony Wisdom

We Believe in… The World to Come 1 Cor. 15:12-19

Andy Storch


Michael Lloyd – The Trinity

Visiting Speaker


Michael Lloyd of Wycliffe Hall leads us through the challenging concept of the Trinity

Download his talk outline here M.Lloyd Trinity Notes

Nigel Harris CEO Tearfund

Visiting Speaker


Nigel CEO of Tearfund shares how Isaiah 58 gives purpose to their mission

Living for God at Work – Jen Logan (LICC)

Visiting Speaker


Jen looks at the challenges of living out a Christian life in the workplace. She offers some practical advice to help us.

We believe in… The Church – Ephesians 2

Sarah Jones


Continuing our series on the Creed Sarah looks at what it means to believe in the Church

We Believe in ….. the Holy Spirit – John 16

David Walker


We believe in… Jesus’ death and resurrection Acts 2:22-39 (pm Service)

Hayley Searle-Barnes


Continuing our series on the Creed looking at Jesus’ death and resurrection

We believe in… Jesus’ death and resurrection Acts 2:22-39 (am Service)

Philip Giddings

Philip continues our series on the Creed looking at Jesus’ death and resurrection

We believe in…One Lord, Jesus Christ – Matthew 7-21-23; Colossians 1-15-20

Visiting Speaker


We believe in… One Lord, Jesus Christ Col.1:15-20

Sarah Jones

Continuing our series on the Creed Sarah considers the phrase “One Lord, Jesus Christ”

We believe in… One God, the Father Isaiah 45:18-25

David Walker


“A new series on the foundations of our faith, from the book of Isaiah”

Dec 18th 7.00pm Getting Ready: for His birth Luke 1:26-38

Fiona Pollard


Fiona looks at what it means to say “yes” to Jesus

11th Dec 10am Getting Ready – for His birth – Luke 1:26-38

Philip Giddings


Getting Ready – For His Return 2 Peter 3:3-13

John Hudson


Getting Ready – For His Return 2 Peter 3:3-13

Dan Bright

Getting Ready:For a Saviour – Isaiah 53:2 – 12

David Walker


David begins a three-part Advent series asking “are you ready for Jesus?

The Maturing Church – Transformed by Christ, 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11

Sarah Jones


The Maturing Church – 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

Philip Giddings


Maturing Church – Holy Lives 1 Thess. 4:1-12

David Walker


Maturing Church – Unbreakable Faith

Hayley Searle-Barnes


Hayley Searle-Barnes, our Student Pastor, looks at what it means to stand firm in the faith

Maturing Church – Courageous Witness

David Walker


Integrity matters: David explores the Apostle Paul’s focus on character

Maturing Church: A Model for Others

David Walker


The Harvest is Plentiful Matt 9:35-38

Sarah Jones


Sarah helps explain the significance of Jesus’ words for us, that “the harvest is plentiful

Reaching Out – pm – Luke 5:1 – 11

Tom Girdler


Tom unpacks what it means when Jesus tells us to be fishers of men and women

Reaching Out – am – Luke 5:1 – 11

Andy Storch

Andy unpacks what it means when Jesus tells us to be fishers of men and women

Building Together – Vision 4 – Nehemiah 4:6 – 20

David Walker


David concludes the vision series, focusing on what it means to build together.