Chris Hall

The final dispute between God and his people focuses on whether there’s even any point in following God at all. They are concerned that it’s futile to serve God, and their worship comes with no benefits since the evil prosper anyway. God responds by telling them about a remnant who love to gather and talk together about God, and he listens and hears them. Those who are faithful, who seek righteousness despite the challenges in the world around them, who worship wholeheartedly – they have the full attention of the faithful and loving God, and he will spare them when he brings the promised justice and judgement. The book ends with a reminder to remember the law of Moses and to expect the previously mentioned prophet Elijah before the Day of The Lord arrives.

How can we live today that gets God’s attention? Are we part of communities that gather to honour the Lord in our midst? As we look ahead to advent, are we prepared for the Day of the Lord?