Chris Hall

The Israelites complain to God that the world seems like an unfair and unjust place to live. The evil seem to get away from it and God doesn’t seem to intervene; corruption and wickedness are abounding and God seems to do nothing. God responds by promising to send a messenger who will prepare the way for God himself to come and bring justice, purifying with fire to remove the idolatry, sinfulness and immorality that is rife among them. The people don’t seem to trust that God will come to bring justice and freedom for the oppressed and saw him as passive and unconcerned. However, God was faithful to his promises as Jesus fulfils this (Luke 4:16-19) and then promises to make all things new again in the age to come.

How can we get frustrated with or blame God for the suffering and injustice we see in this world? Do we trust that God really does care about the state of this world, and will do something about it? What is our part in brining justice and freedom to the oppressed?