A Psalm of Wisdom

Sam Brown


The psalmist contrasts life with God and life without God. Many trust in wealth, their own ability or status, but it leads to nothing. The wisdom of this psalm points to trusting in God, who paid your ransom and who saves (verse 15). There is even a hint of eternal life here in the psalm (verses 9 and 15). This psalm is an example of God’s wisdom passed down through His Word, showing us two ways to live and the benefits of trusting in God. 

Commissioned by Jesus

Sam Brown


Having offered an invite to “come to” Jesus, he now sends his followers out saying “go” and make disciples. Most importantly this command is given in the middle of two statements of reassurance – firstly in verse 18, we are reminded that all authority in heaven and on earth have been given to us. Secondly in verse 20 we are reassured of the presence of Jesus with us, to the very end of the age. As we consider our ‘frontlines’ of mission during the week (school, community, clubs, work etc) we are sent out with authority and with the presence of Jesus.


Generosity in Jesus

Sam Brown


Sam shares of the Generosity in Jesus from John 3:16.




Sam Brown


Sam Brown speaks from Matthew 28: 16 – 20 on these final words of Jesus in Matthew’s gospel – reminding us of the authority and power with which we are commissioned to make disciples of all nations. As part of our call to make disciples we are to baptise and teach. We do this in the knowledge and with the assurance of the presence of Jesus with us. Who has God put on our hearts to share the gospel with today?