A Call to Follow

Natalie Worsfold


Jesus calls the disciples to “put out into deep water” (vs 4). Despite the fact they had already
done this, Simon obeys Jesus and as a result their nets are filled with fish. At this, Simon
Peter falls on his knees and repents. Jesus calls them to follow Him and fish for people. How
might God be calling us to go into deeper water? To enter a greater place of trust as we
follow Him. What might be that call be that requires us to be obedient and to follow Jesus?

A Psalm of Kingship

Natalie Worsfold


In times of trouble, David cried out to God for help. As he prays to God, our king, he acknowledges that God protects us (verse 1), helps us (verse 2), remembers (verse 3), provides (verse 4) and answers our prayers (verse 5). The key is to trust in God as we read in verse 7.

A Psalm of Remembrance

Natalie Worsfold


The psalmist begins with praise in verse 1, and then goes on to remember why it is right to praise God. God’s people have a history of sinning (verse 6), acting wickedly (verse 6) and forgetting God’s kindness (verse 7). And yet God led them out of Egypt and miraculously provided for them parting the Red Sea. Remembering God’s goodness and kindness to us is part of what we are called to do.

A Psalm of Praise

Natalie Worsfold


The series opens with one of the psalms of praise, in which David describes the awesome power, majesty and authority of God. This psalm focuses on God’s voice and in our lives we hear His voice through Scripture. God also shares his authority, power and strength with us as we read in verse 11, “The Lord gives strength to his people” and “blesses his people with peace”.

Whatever We Do

Natalie Worsfold


Paul’s letter to the Colossians describes the kind of community God was calling them to be. But he makes clear that this was not inward-focused. Their daily lives were to be marked by love, kindness, and compassion in their places of work or activity, and in their relationships. The social conditions assumed in the passage aren’t the same social conditions that most of us face today. However, the principles that flow from it are as applicable now as much as then. Commitment to Jesus as Lord is to be worked out in daily life, in relationship with others, and bound up in our service of Jesus himself.

Resurrection of Believers

Natalie Worsfold


Sharing from 1 Corinthians 15:12-34, Natalie takes us through Paul’s letter to the Corinthian church correcting their understanding of life after death, declaring once more that Jesus has been raised from the grave.


Palm Sunday

Natalie Worsfold


Preaching from John 12:12-18, Natalie shares of the Cross-Shaped Jesus we are invited to follow.

Generosity in Salvation

Natalie Worsfold


Sharing from Ephesians 2:1-10, Natalie shows us that this passage, which starts by speaking about death and sin, pivots in verse four around the simple word ‘but.’ From there onwards it shows us the generosity of God’s saving grace, and reminds us that it is Jesus alone who has the authority to free us from all that binds up our lives.

Out of God’s great love and generosity for us, He sent Jesus to unlock our salvation. This is in order that, by His grace, we might be free to be God’s handiwork on the earth, ready and able to do the good works that He has prepared us for.

What is he freeing you for?


Jonah (Obedience)

Natalie Worsfold


We reflect together on the contribution of Jonah, helping us understand how our acts of obedience need to be matched by hearts of obedience. Pondering how the good news comes close through the life of Jesus via us and to us.

Nahum (Comfort)

Natalie Worsfold


Natalie Worsfold speaks from the book of Nahum, who doesn’t shy away from God’s holiness and His anger and indignation in the face of sin. However, Nahum helps us see the beauty and power of God at work by also highlighting God’s response of comfort and patience.