Generous Community

Lorraine Briffitt


Generosity is not just about giving money, but about giving all of our lives away to God for the benefit of others. Lorraine unpacks the joys and challenges of living as a generous community.

Kingdom Integrity

Lorraine Briffitt


Loraine continues our series in James. She challenges us to live out our faith and demonstrate the love of God through action. Speaking today from James 2:14-26.


Lorraine Briffitt


The perfect peace that is spoken about in Isaiah 26:1-6 and 57:14-21 is more than just peace: it is a promise of wholeness for all those who put their trust in God. This week, Lorraine unpacks what it means to have wholeness during a time such as this.

Playing our part

Lorraine Briffitt


As we end the series exploring the Old Testament book of Ruth, Lorraine unpacks the part played by each of the characters in the story and encourages us to play our part in the story of God’s Kingdom on earth. Lorraine speaks from Ruth 4: 9-17.


Lorraine Briffitt


How can our frustrations be used in prayer? Lorraine speaks today from Revelation 6:9-11 & Psalm 13 to explore the place of bringing our frustrations into prayer.

Abundant Love

Lorraine Briffitt


In the conclusion to our series in John Lorraine reminds us that the Love of Jesus reaches out to us no matter where we are. He challenges us to follow Him.

God of Turnaround – God’s Bigger Picture – Genesis 50:15-26

Lorraine Briffitt


Lorraine concludes our series looking at the life of Joseph by reminding us that God is the one who is writing our story. She challenges us to think about what is God calling us to do.