Empowering Community

John Hudson


At a time of change and uncertainty how we respond as a community of believers is crucially important. John Hudson unpacks three ways to respond to a time of change, as he speaks today from Act 6:1-7

Prayerful Community

John Hudson


What happens when we all pray constantly as a community? David Walker explores the variety of ways we are called to pray and the call on us as a church to pray right now. He speaks from Acts 4:23-31

Kingdom Submission

John Hudson


When you are trying to hold everything together, gain control, and find a way to navigate life, Jesus offers us a new way. John Hudson speaks on what it means to submit to God’s plan in 2021. He speaks from James 4: 1-12.


John Hudson


How can we be certain that God is with us at all times? John Hudson speaks today from Isaiah 43: 1-7 where God promises to be with us even in the fire and trouble of life.


John Hudson


As the fatigue and difficulty of the global pandemic leaves us feeling weary and lost, we begin a series looking to God’s promises and purposes for us in a time like this. John Hudson explores Isaiah 6 to see how we are called to respond to our own weariness.


John Hudson


Who are you working for? An easy question to answer, but what if we are working for the wrong purpose? This week John Hudson explores how the story of Ruth in the Old Testament gives us a reason to work for God. He speaks from Ruth 2: 1-12

New Life

John Hudson


How should we respond in a crisis time like we are facing during Covid-19. Ezekiel has a vision of a God who is calling us forward and the blessing on offer as we respond well. John Hudson speaks from Ezekiel 47: 1-12.

Living in your calling

John Hudson


John Hudson looks at how what happened at a funeral in Bethany can give you a framework to discover your own unique calling in life. The passage today is John 11, the raising of Lazarus.

Greater Call – Hebrews 10 and 11

John Hudson


John continues our series in Hebrews with a reminder of the importance of foundations and faith.

Greater Glory – Hebrews 3

John Hudson


John Hudson shows us how to find hope and certainty when all around us seems so uncertain, as we continue working through Hebrews in our series called ‘Greater’.