Annie Willmot


There are times when we feel despondent and burdened, but Annie show us another way as we lay it all before God. She speaks from Numbers 11:10-15.

God’s Glory

Annie Willmot


Annie looks at the start of Jesus’ prayer and how it helps us to focus on the glory of God. She encourages us to see how the presence of Jesus living in us helps us to focus on God and his glory.

True freedom

Annie Willmot


Annie speaks on John chapter 8:31-47 and the freedom that comes from seeing Jesus for who He really is.

Greater Vision (930 Service) – Hebrews 12

Annie Willmot


Annie Willmot rounds off our series in Hebrews by reminding us to run the race of life in community with other followers of Christ, so that whatever life throws at us we will end strong.

Unlikely Heroes – Moses – Exodus 3:1-14

Annie Willmot


As we continue our series looking at unlikely heroes Annie exanines how God worked through Moses.  She challenges us to step out in faith and to remember that God is awesome and Holy, He loves us unconditionally and is daily shaping us to be more like him and that we are invited to be part of His plans.

Mothering Sunday – Romans 12:9-21

Annie Willmot


With the help of some Duplo Annie helps us to understand the strength of living in community

Walk to Freedom – Freedom’s Joy – Exodus 40:1-5 & 34-38 am

Annie Willmot


Annie concludes our series in Exodus with a reminder that God still guides today as he did with the Israelites.

The Beatitudes – Blessed are those who mourn – Matt. 5:4 & 7 and Isaiah 61:1 – 4 (am service)

Annie Willmot