The 6.30 Informal Service

What can I expect when I attend the 6.30 service?

You can expect a warm and friendly welcome. Our evening gathering tends to be much more free in style and one in which you should find hope, encouragement and perhaps a challenge. There is a younger profile at this service with around 200 attending.
Each service runs for about one hour and a quarter and is informal in style. No prior knowledge is assumed, and you won’t be required to say or pray anything that you do not believe.
The heart of each service contains prayers, a reading and teaching from the Bible. There is also a mixture of songs mainly of a contemporary nature led by a small band.
Be sure to look for our Welcome Team as you enter: as well as welcoming you, they’ll be able to explain how things work and where to go. Tea, coffee and refreshments are served from 6.00.

What happens to the kids?

Older teens meet prior to, and attend, the 6.30 service. We also have youth groups that meet throughout the week in the evenings. For more information see Children & Youth
There is no children’s work at the evening service

Is there a dress code?

No! Just wear whatever you normally wear. We are very informal with folk wearing anything from shirt and jacket to jeans and a t-shirt.

Will I be made to feel uncomfortable?

Not at all! We will be welcoming, and you will not be forced to do anything you are not comfortable doing.
We want you to feel right at home and enjoy the service.

I have more questions; how can I get in touch and ask them?

Please feel free to call 0118 9516700 or email the church office with any questions you have and we will be happy to help you.