Walk to Freedom

Series looking at Exodus

Walk to Freedom – Freedom’s Joy – Exodus 40:1-5 & 34-38 am

Annie Willmot


Annie concludes our series in Exodus with a reminder that God still guides today as he did with the Israelites.

Walk to Freedom – Freedom’s Joy – Exodus 40:1-5 & 34-38

Dan Bright


Walk to Freedom – Freedom to be Shared – Exodus 34:29-35 & 2 Cor 3:7-18

Dan Bright


Andy continues our series in Exodus.  He reminds us that in the difficult times, the good times and the new times there is good news to be shared.  Let our light shine!

Walk to Freedom – Freedom under Threat Exodus 32:1-14

Dan Bright


This week Sarah looks at how we can experience freedom even in the face of threats.  She focuses on how Jesus brings us that Freedom.

Walk to Freedom – Living in Freedom – Ex 19:3-13

Dan Bright


John continues our series in Exodus considering what it means to live in freedom.

Walk to Freedom – Exodus 16:1-18 -Freedom to Trust

David Walker


David continues our series in Exodus  with a look at how God met the needs of the Israelites through the provision of Manna and Quail.  He looks at the lessons we can learn about trusting God.

Walk to Freedom – Passover – Exodus 11:1 & 12:21-30

Sarah Jones


Sarah continues our series in Exodus with a look at the Passover.  She considers how in times of despair, when we ask where is our God, that the Passover reminds us that he is the one that brought Israel out of Egypt.  She looks at how the Passover points forward to the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and the freedom that His sacrifice can bring to us.

Walk to Freedom – Exodus 3 v 1-15 pm

Dan Bright


Walk to Freedom – Exodus 3:1-15 am

Joy Atkins

Joy introduces our new series looking at the book of Exodus.  She challenges us to live out the freedom that has been won for us by Jesus.

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