Vision Series

Vision – Christ Transforming Reading – John 4:27-42

David Walker


David concludes our series looking at the vision of Greyfriars with a focus on Reading Transformed.  He encourages us to look at how Jesus has worked in our lives and to share our stories and to allow change to flow out from us.  From the passage we see that there is an invitation to “come and see” and then to hear a story of transformation.  We all can share our story. Secondly there is an encouragement to trust in Christ’s power and to remember whose power is at work.  No matter how weak or ill equipped we may feel in our lives God can work through us.  David encourages us to use God’s mighty weapons to begin to move out and see transformation flow out from us.

Having considered our response in praying and giving this Sunday we look at a response focused on Serving.  To see more about areas that need help click here Current Service Opportunities.  You can find out more about the wider opportunities here:- Service Booklet

Vision – Transformed Church – John 4:27 – 38

David Walker


David continues our series looking at the Vision of Greyfriars.  This week we look at what it means to be part of a transformed church.  We look at the healing and acceptance that comes from new life in Christ.  How we are continually redeemed and restored and that through this process our lives revel the truth of who Christ is.  David reminds us that a transformed church is marked by Healing, Holiness, Obedience and Generosity.  During the series we will be focusing our response in three areas – prayer, giving and serving.  This week we are encouraged to respond with a prayerful look at how we give.

Vision – Christ Transforming Us – John 4:1-26

David Walker


David begins our series looking at Greyfriars Vision to see Reading transformed by the love and power of Jesus.  He looks at the need for us to be transformed by the power of Christ in our lives and that as we see this transformation in us it will begin to flow outward.

He challenges us with three questions from the passage:

Do we need transformation?  What does transformation look like?  Are we hungry for more of Christ in our lives?

You can download the prayer guide here Greyfriars Vision Prayer Guide

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