Under Pressure

A series in the book of James.

Kingdom Power

John Freeman


John Freeman points us towards a reminder that prayer is always a right response under pressure. He explores how it unlocks forgiveness and healing in our lives – a present outbreaking of the future Kingdom. He speaks today from James 5:13-20

Kingdom Endurance

Nick Hill


When times are tough, when we are in a difficult or dark place, how do we respond? Nick Hill speaks today of a call to patience. He shares how he has found blessing in living patiently despite his own sense of urgency in life, as he speaks from James 5:7-12.

Kingdom Finances

David Walker


On Valentines day David Walker asks who, or what do you love? As we face pressure in life what do we fall on and put our trust in? Today James 4:13-5:6 challenges us to examine our own approach to our finances and where we put our trust.

Kingdom Submission

John Hudson


When you are trying to hold everything together, gain control, and find a way to navigate life, Jesus offers us a new way. John Hudson speaks on what it means to submit to God’s plan in 2021. He speaks from James 4: 1-12.

Kingdom Talk

Dan Bright


This passage in James gives us some very practical reminders of the power of our words and the ways in which we are called to use them. Dan Bright speaks from James 3:1-18

Kingdom Integrity

Lorraine Briffitt


Loraine continues our series in James. She challenges us to live out our faith and demonstrate the love of God through action. Speaking today from James 2:14-26.

Kingdom Equality

John Freeman


How do we treat the person who can’t do anything for us – the poor, the marginalised and discriminated, and the unpopular. John Freeman calls us to explore our hearts as he speaks from James 2:1-13

Kingdom Living

Alyssa Carey


Alyssa Carey calls us to action as a result of our faith in Jesus. Speaking from the book of James she explores what a Kingdom Life might look like during a global pandemic. James 1:19-27

Kingdom Perseverance

David Walker


As we begin a new series, David Walker speaks about Kingdom Perseverance. We all face trials and temptations and yet these can be used by God to mature us in the faith and help us grow spiritually. These words of James are clear that temptation does not come from God, but that He can work through them. (James 1:1-18)

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