This is Church 2019

Take a look at what it means to be a member of a worshiping community

This is Church – A Missional Community – Mark 16:14-20

David Walker


David concludes our series looking at what it means to “be Church” with a reminder that we are called to look outward – to be missionaries where we are.

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This is Church – A Missional Community – Bishop Andrew am service

David Walker

Bishop Andrew encouraged us to be a church living on the outside. To feel the glory of god flowing out through us into the world. He encouraged us to have the courage to live outdoor lives. And he reminded us that our core purpose making Christians new and making new Christians.

This is Church – A Generous Community – Mark 12:41-44

David Walker


David continues our series focusing our thoughts towards our giving. He encouraged us to look to God for direction as to what we should be giving.

To see more about supporting the church go to the Giving and Serving page of the website.

This is Church – A Gathered Church

Sarah Jones


Sarah encourages us on the importance of meeting together for corporate support and encouragement, because we are hungry to be in the presence of Jesus and because we long to have our hunger satisfied as we are fed.

This is Church – A Praying Community – Mark 1:35-39

David Walker


David introduces our new series on what it means to be Church. Today we look at the importance of being a praying community. David encourages us to look at the why, what, when of prayer and challenges us to take a new focus on prayer in our lives.

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