Seven Psalms

A Psalm of Thanksgiving

Chris Hall


David gives thanks for God’s goodness (verse 2), for God’s provision (verse 5), for God’s guidance (verse 7) and God’s strength given to him (verse 8). This psalm also has the hope of eternity in it (like last week). David gives thanks that God will not abandon him to the grave but fill him with joy and eternal pleasures (verse 11).

A Psalm of Wisdom

Sam Brown

The psalmist contrasts life with God and life without God. Many trust in wealth, their own ability or status, but it leads to nothing. The wisdom of this psalm points to trusting in God, who paid your ransom and who saves (verse 15). There is even a hint of eternal life here in the psalm (verses 9 and 15). This psalm is an example of God’s wisdom passed down through His Word, showing us two ways to live and the benefits of trusting in God. 

A Psalm of Kingship

Natalie Worsfold


In times of trouble, David cried out to God for help. As he prays to God, our king, he acknowledges that God protects us (verse 1), helps us (verse 2), remembers (verse 3), provides (verse 4) and answers our prayers (verse 5). The key is to trust in God as we read in verse 7.

A Psalm of Lament

Alyssa Carey


There are times in life when we all feel faint, in agony, worried or weak with sorrow. This Psalm is an honest outpouring from the heart about the struggles in life. David cries out to God for mercy and is brutally honest with God as he prays “how long, Lord, how long?” (verse 3). The Psalm ends with David acknowledging that God has heard his prayer and granted him mercy.

A Psalm of Remembrance

Natalie Worsfold


The psalmist begins with praise in verse 1, and then goes on to remember why it is right to praise God. God’s people have a history of sinning (verse 6), acting wickedly (verse 6) and forgetting God’s kindness (verse 7). And yet God led them out of Egypt and miraculously provided for them parting the Red Sea. Remembering God’s goodness and kindness to us is part of what we are called to do.

A Psalm of Confidence

David Walker


David had plenty of reasons to be afraid, as he was surrounded by enemies and wickedness, but he said in verse 3 “I will be confident”. In the face of opposition and difficulty, David focuses on praising God, which gives him confidence. In verse 13 he writes “I remain confident of this – I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living”, which comes from seeking His face and waiting on the Lord.

A Psalm of Praise

Natalie Worsfold


The series opens with one of the psalms of praise, in which David describes the awesome power, majesty and authority of God. This psalm focuses on God’s voice and in our lives we hear His voice through Scripture. God also shares his authority, power and strength with us as we read in verse 11, “The Lord gives strength to his people” and “blesses his people with peace”.

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