Return to God

Malachi (Messenger)

Alyssa Carey


Alyssa speaks from Malachi.

Malachi means ‘my messenger’ and through this message we learn about the covenant between God and his people (2:10) which is like a living relationship between a father and son. But this relationship broke down and Malachi looks forward to future ‘messenger of the covenant’ (3:1) who will make God’s people righteous. Malachi teaches us not to be lukewarm about God, but to hunger and thirst after Him.


Habbakkuk (faithfulness)

David Morgan


David speaks on faithfulness from Habakkuk. Habakkuk commits his problem to God and chooses to trust in God. As a result, the Babylonians were punished for their wickedness and Habakkuk praises God.


Jonah (Obedience)

Natalie Worsfold


We reflect together on the contribution of Jonah, helping us understand how our acts of obedience need to be matched by hearts of obedience. Pondering how the good news comes close through the life of Jesus via us and to us.

Nahum (Comfort)

Natalie Worsfold


Natalie Worsfold speaks from the book of Nahum, who doesn’t shy away from God’s holiness and His anger and indignation in the face of sin. However, Nahum helps us see the beauty and power of God at work by also highlighting God’s response of comfort and patience.


Amos (Justice)

Heather Harper


Heather Harper speaks from the book of Amos on God’s justice: Amos was a land owner and a shepherd. His message held Israel
to account, to show them God’s standards and how they had fallen short. He speaks into issues of materialism, injustice and immorality. He tells Israel how God upholds good throughout the world (9:7-8) and seeks his people to uphold justice and righteousness.



Natalie Worsfold



Natalie kicks off out new sermon series ‘Return to God’. Over summer, we will look into the minor prophets in the Old Testament. These books are often thought of in terms of the judgement of God, they also teach us about the heart of God to see His people turn back to Him. This week we look at Joel.

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