Resurrection Life

A look at the difference Jesus' resurrection should make in our lives

Resurrection Life – Ressurrection Opposition – Acts 5:17-32

David Walker


David concludes our series in Acts by reminding us that somtimes the Christian life has trials and tribulations but this is part of our loving father’s plan to refine us and bring us closer to Him.

Resurrection Life – Resurrection Prayer – Acts 4:23-31

Sarah Jones


“Sarah explores why we find it hard to pray and reminds us that faith-filled prayer is all about faith in a great God and is vital in the spiritual battle we face as Christians”.

Resurrection Boldness – 1 Peter1:1-20 (am) John Dunnett

Visiting Speaker


John continues our series looking at resurrection life.  He focuses in on our life as exciles in a secular world.  He looks at the hope the resurrection gives us while walking through the struggles of daily life.  John concludes with a challenge that resurection boldness is about practicing Christlikeness

Resurrection Boldness – Acts 4:1-20 (pm)

Joy Atkins

Joy continues in our series looking at living a resurrection life.  She challenges us to step out in boldness taking hold of the power of that comes to us through the resurrection of Jesus.

Resurrection Life – Resurrection Healing – Acts 1:1-10

John Hudson


John Hudson looks at how we can all live extraordinary lives. Calling us to tune in to the voice of the Spirit of God that lives in each one of us so that we will know the heart of the Father.

Resurrection Life – Mark 8:34-38 & 16:14-20

David Walker


Following on from the events of Easter, David looks at what the resurrection means to us and how it can impact our lives.

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