Light in the Darkness

A series looking to prepare us for the Advent season

Light in the Darkness- Eternal Light – Rev 21:22 – 22:6

David Walker


Light in the darkness – living in light – Ephesians 5:11-18, Revelation 1:12-18

Sarah Jones


Sarah reminds us that we are called to live in the light and that we can find great strength through living in the light that Christ brings.

Light in the Darkness – The Hope of Light – Isaiah 60 v 1-3, 19-22 and John 8 v 12

David Walker


Light in the darkness – Light rejected – Isaiah 5:20-25, John 3:19-21

Sarah Jones


Light in the darkness – Genesis 1:1-19

John Hudson


John introduces our new series.  With the help of some props he points out that we need to be plugged into the right source if the light of God is going to be able to shine through.

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