Kingdom Life

Solid ground instead of sinking sand

Visiting Speaker


Simon Guillebaud speaks from Matthew 7:24-29 on being ground on solid ground. He shares stories of faith from his time ministering in Burundi.


Peace instead of Fear

Natalie Worsfold


Natalie Worsfold speaks from Matthew 6: 25 – 34 on how we are not exempt from trouble in this world but that Jesus will take care of us: he wants us to cast our anxieties onto him and seek him, grateful for all he has done.


Self-control instead of Consumption

Dan Bright


Dan Bright, Debs Jeffries and David Morgan speak to us from Matthew 6: 16-24, challenging us on what is driving us: are we exclusively devoted to God?


Love instead of Division

David Walker


David Walker speaks from Matthew 5: 43 – 48, encouraging us to surrender ourselves to the Lord, allowing his Spirit to transform us into his image so we are able to love in ways that go beyond ourselves, radiating the light of Christ to all.

Holiness instead of Compromise

Natalie Worsfold


Natalie Worsfold speaks from Matthew 5: 17 – 26 on how our heart attitudes need to be changed by God, allowing him to heal us and to bring reconciliation and peace where it is needed.


Standing out instead of Fitting in

John Freeman


John Freeman speaks from Matthew 5: 13-16 on how we are to be salt and light, shining the Lord’s light into the darkness and brokenness of the world around us.


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