Honest to God

An eight part series looking at prayers in the bible.


David Walker


How should we pray when under pressure? David Walker explores the call to pray for boldness in times when we are squeezed and vulnerable as he speaks from Acts 4:23-31


John Freeman


As so many of us come to a place of feeling totally overwhelmed, we are reminded that God hears us as we call to him in prayer. John Freeman speaks today from Psalm 23 & Matthew 26:36-46.


Lorraine Briffitt


How can our frustrations be used in prayer? Lorraine speaks today from Revelation 6:9-11 & Psalm 13 to explore the place of bringing our frustrations into prayer.


Annie Willmot


There are times when we feel despondent and burdened, but Annie show us another way as we lay it all before God. She speaks from Numbers 11:10-15.


John Freeman


We explore the power and importance of an attitude of gratitude, even in the midst of challenging circumstances. John Freeman speaks from Philippians 1:3-11.


Joy Atkins


Joy Atkins explains that there is a place in our prayers for guilt. An approach that gets us into the right heart attitude, so that we can move through it into God’s grace and transformation. She speaks from Daniel 9: 1-19.

Obedient prayer

David Walker


We begin our new series rooted in eight prayers from the bible. Today David Walker speaks on Matthew 6: 5-15, Jesus call to pray the Lord’s Prayer.


Dan Bright


Mary’s famous prayer reminds us what it looks like to be joyful in prayer. Dan encourages us that there is a place for the Joy of the Lord in even the lowest times. He speaks on Luke 1: 46-55

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