Series looking at the book of Hebrews

Greater Vision (630 Service) – Hebrews 12

Joy Atkins


Joy rounds off our series in Hebrews by looking at our call to persevere in the faith by fixing our eyes on Jesus.

Greater Vision (930 Service) – Hebrews 12

Annie Willmot

Annie Willmot rounds off our series in Hebrews by reminding us to run the race of life in community with other followers of Christ, so that whatever life throws at us we will end strong.

Greater Call – Hebrews 10 and 11

John Hudson


John continues our series in Hebrews with a reminder of the importance of foundations and faith.

Greater Sacrifice – Hebrews 9 and 10

David Walker


Jesus is the only perfect sacrifice for our sins, and provides total forgiveness.

Greater Representative (930 Service) – Hebrews 4 and 7

John Freeman


John reminds us that far from God not involving himself in our world He sent his Son to intervene for us.

Greater Representative (630 Service) – Hebrews 4 and 7

Dan Bright

Jesus being our High Priest and our intercessor to the Father.

Greater Rest – Hebrews 4

David Walker


David continues in our series on Hebrews with a challenge to look at what true rest means

Greater Glory – Hebrews 3

John Hudson


John Hudson shows us how to find hope and certainty when all around us seems so uncertain, as we continue working through Hebrews in our series called ‘Greater’.

Greater Holiness – Hebrews 2

John Freeman


John Freeman continues our series in Hebrews. We are reminded that we have a great calling but through sin we have created a great mess. John encourages us in the fact that we have a saviour who is able to bring restoration.

How God speaks to us today

David Walker


David Walker begins a new series in Hebrews by exploring how God has spoken through all of time, and how we can know what he has for us today.

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