Good Friday 2021

Good Friday Reflection: 6pm


As we come to the end of our Good Friday Reflections, Joy Atkins helps us to prepare for Holy Saturday as we reflect on Luke 23:50-56.

Good Friday Reflection: 3pm

After another three hours, we come to the death of Jesus. David Walker helps us to think about this important moment from Mark 15:34:41.

Good Friday Reflection: 12pm

It’s noon on Good Friday, and Jesus has been on the cross now for about three hours. Annie Willmot helps us to reflect on this moment from Luke 23:35-44.

Good Friday Reflection: 9am

At 9am on Good Friday Jesus is led to Golgotha, where he is crucified. Sam Brown leads our reflection on Mark 15:20-27.

Good Friday Reflection: 6am

We begin our Good Friday Reflections at 6am as Jesus is brought before the religious leaders and Pilate to be questioned and tried. John Freeman shares on Mark 15:1-19.

Good Friday Trailer


Listen to Sam and John introducing the plans for our Good Friday Reflection podcasts.

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