Faith Under Pressure

A study of Daniel

Faith Under Pressure – Injustice – Daniel 6

Sarah Jones


Sarah concludes our series in Daniel with a look at how to manage when we feel hard done by.

Faith Under Pressure – Self Love – Daniel 5

David Walker


Faith Under Pressure – Pride – Daniel 4

Fiona Pollard


Faith Under Pressure – Idolatry – Daniel 3

Joy Atkins


Joy looks at the pressures we all face when our priorities in life displace our faith in Jesus. An challenges us to stand up against conforming.

Faith Under Pressure – Fear – Daniel 2

Andy Storch


Using Daniel 2 Andy gives us some good guidance on how to deal with the challenge of fear in our lives.

Faith Under Pressure – Daniel 1:1-20

David Walker


David introduces our new series on the book of Daniel – Faith Under Pressure.  What does it mean to take a stand rather than to conform?  How can we stand together in community.

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