Encouters with Jesus

When people meet Jesus it tends to have a profound impact on their lives.

Jesus Meets …. The Desperate Mark 5:24-34

Hayley Searle-Barnes


Hayley concludes our series on Encounters with Jesus with a look at how a chronically ill woman believes Jesus can heal her.  Her encounter with Jesus sees her healed and so much more.

Jesus Meets the ….. Untouchable – Mark 1:40-45

Sarah Jones


Sarah encourages us by looking at how Jesus related to the untouchables of his day. She challenged us as to how we can respond.

Jesus Meets……..The Collaborator 7.00pm – Dan Bright – Luke 19 v1 – 10

Dan Bright


Dan continues our series looking at how an encounter with Jesus changed everything for Zacchaeus, and how we can experience the same change in our lives.

Jesus Meets ….. The Grieving – Luke 7:11-17

Tom Girdler


Tom continues our series looking at the circumstances surrounding the raising of the widow of Nain’s son

Jesus Meets ….. the Privileged – Mark 10:17-31

John Hudson


Jesus Meets ….. The Outcast – John 4:7-26 – 6.30pm

David Walker


David introduces our new series of people who met Jesus with a look at his encounter with the Samaritan women.

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