A Call to Deny Yourself

Chris Hall


Jesus calls us to deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Him. In a world that is all about
consuming and individualism, how is God calling us as individuals and as a church to live this
life of denial and obedience? It impacts who we are, how we serve and what we give.

A Call to Generosity

David Walker


Many people give to church as a last resort, having paid off all their other bills and
commitments. God is asking us to give first and to give faithfully – or, full of faith. The
widow models this by giving out of her poverty, not her wealth. Jesus doesn’t commend her
for giving large sums, but instead for the trust in her heart as she looks to God to provide.
However much we can afford, Jesus sees what we give and He calls us to all get involved

A Call to Serve

David Walker


Jesus appears to the disciples on the beach of Lake Galilee and repeats the miracle catch of fish (see last week), to remind them of who He is. He then reinstates Peter, calling him to serve and to follow Jesus in all His ways. Jesus is clear that this call on Peter’s life will involve sacrifice, which for Peter involves the ultimate cost. As we hear the Lord’s declaration of love over us and see His sacrifice for us, are we willing to follow Him and serve?

A Call to Follow

Natalie Worsfold


Jesus calls the disciples to “put out into deep water” (vs 4). Despite the fact they had already
done this, Simon obeys Jesus and as a result their nets are filled with fish. At this, Simon
Peter falls on his knees and repents. Jesus calls them to follow Him and fish for people. How
might God be calling us to go into deeper water? To enter a greater place of trust as we
follow Him. What might be that call be that requires us to be obedient and to follow Jesus?

A Call to Listen

Chris Hall


Elijah is called by God to stand on mount Horeb, as the Lord passed by. A powerful wind, an earthquake and a fire pass by but God was not in any of them. Instead, God spoke in a gentle whisper. It involved Elijah listening and being still before God. As we seek God for our future and His call upon our lives, we need to take time to stop, to listen and to seek God for His gently whisper.

A Call to Sacrifice

David Walker


God calls Abram and leads him away from his country, his people and his family (vs 1). Following God’s call on our lives often involves sacrifice and a move away from our places of comfort. As Abram receives the promise of God that through him God’s blessing will be passed on through the generations, Abram’s is obedient to God (vs 4) and reverent before God (vs 7&8). How might God be calling us to sacrifice our comfort to be obedient to Him?

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