Called by Jesus

Call to Generosity (part 2)

Jane Peters


Jane Peters speaks from John 21:1-14 on how Jesus demonstrates His power to multiply and provide, and of how He calls us to to do our bit in obedience. It is in this obedience that leads to the miracle of abundance, and the hope that He will provide all our needs.


Call to Generosity

John Freeman


John Freeman helps us to reflect on Jesus’ death in John 19:16b-30, where we see that the cross reveals to us the generosity of God, and that the generosity of God invites us into a generous response.


Call to Mission

David Walker


David Walker speaks from John 17:1-26 on how we can understand the role of Jesus’ followers in being a witness to His name in the world. As Jesus prays for his disciples, we see that we are “in the world, but not of the world” (vs15-16), and we are to pray for the mission of the church locally and globally.


Call to Intimacy

David Walker


David Walker speaks from John 15:1-17 on being as close to our Lord as we can, being grafted into Him. It is only as we surrender to Him, remain in Him and are obedient to Him (vs14) that we will be fruitful, know His love for us and testify to answered prayer.


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