Action Heroes

A series looking at characters from the book of Acts

Action Heroes – Priscilla & Aquila – Acts 11:4, 18-19 & 24-26

Sarah Jones


In the last of our summer series looking at the action heroes of Acts Sarah sees what we can learn from the actions of Priscilla and Aquilla.

Action Heroes – Paul – Acts 17:8-11 & 33-44

Jonathan Thatcher


Jonathan looks at how Paul dealt with difficult situations in his life.  He encourages us to recognise that God allows us to go through these times as part of making us the person he wants us to be.  He challenges us that if we are not currently experiencing hardship to be investing and preparing for when these times come.

Action Heroes – Lydia – Acts 16:11-15

Fiona Pollard


Fiona encourages us to consider where is God looking to take us and what new challenges does he want us to say yes to.

Action Heroes – Peter – Acts 12:5-17

Dan Bright


Dan unpacks Peter’s miraculous escape from prison with a focus on freedom and stepping out in the spirit.

Action Heroes – Acts 11:19-26 – Barnabas

Hayley Searle-Barnes


Hayley continues our summer series in Acts with a look at Barnabas the encourager.

Action Heroes – Paul & Barnabas – Acts 14:8-20

David Walker


David begins our series in Acts looking at the visit of Paul and Barnabas to Lystra and Derbe

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