God Wins

Seven weeks working through the whole book of Revelation in early 2019. Whilst we won’t be able to cover every verse of every chapter, the aim of the series is to give an overview of the book and to open our eyes to the message of God’s glory, God’s judgement and God’s victory in Christ.

God Wins – Paradise Regained – Rev 22:6-21

Fiona Pollard


Fiona concludes our series in revelation and leaves us with the question “how thirsty are we for God?”

God Wins – Rev 20:1-15- Justice Served

David Walker


David takes us through this chapter in the penultimate sermon in our series on Revelation.  He reminds us that while the Devil is down he is not yet out yet God is more powerful and that the final conflict is the outworking of Jesus’ victory through the cross and resurrection.  He encourages us that we have been called to reign with Jesus and that we can be confident that we have been made righteous through his blood.  Finally he challenges us to ask God who he is leading us towards to share the good news of his love and salvation.

God Wins – Evil Defeated – Rev 19:1-16

Joy Atkins


Joy reminds us that while the victory has been one there are still battles to fight.  She gives us some practical guidance on what weapons we can employ.

God Wins – Conquering Lamb – Rev 14:1-12

Dan Bright


Dan looks at the battle won.  Encourages us to take up our armor, to realise that Jesus has won the victory – that we are on His team.  Having taken that on board Dan encourages us to consider, what to him, is the most important question coming out of this passage – where are we with Jesus?

God Wins – Sounding Trumpets – Revelation 8 – 11

David Walker


David reminds us that far from being called to a life on a luxury cruise our role is to be in the lifeboat rescuing lost souls.

God Wins – God Enthroned – Rev 4:1-11

Andy Storch


Andy continues our series on Revelation.  He looks at the access we can have to the throne of God through what Jesus has done for us.

God Wins – Christ Revealed – Revelations 1:1-8

David Walker


David Walker challenges us to read the Revelations together as a church during this series of sermons. In the sermon David guides us through the Seven Churches described in the first three chapters, helping us understanding the meaning and importance of these chapters.

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