Phase 1

The Project

Phase 2



Phase 1 of the project was about transforming the entrance to the church and the spaces and buildings surrounding it. Completed in October 2021 at a construction cost of circa £2.5m, it provides a transparent, public-facing, welcoming entrance space, which houses the Atrium coffee shop and bookshop and offers flexible space for holding events or just meeting and chatting. 

The Atrium leads round the north side of the church to connect with two houses on Sackville Street which were acquired and integrated into the scheme. In time, the houses will provide office space for use by other community groups. They also provide a prayer room and, very importantly, new toilets suitable for our large congregations. Initially, the offices, which were completed in June 2021, provide a base for Greyfriars staff whilst the Centre is rebuilt as part of Phase 2.

The Phase 1 work began in July 2020 and was completed in October 2021. It was carried out by Ash Contracting Ltd, a building contractor with significant experience on similar projects. The fitting out works were undertaken by Catersales, a company specialising in coffee shop and retail design and installation. We would like to thank all hose who worked with the project team to design and deliver this phase which has transformed the way we are able to meet, worship, have fellowship and serve the community.