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As we look to see Reading transformed there has also been a growing need to see the transformation of our buildings to give us a more suitable base to reach out to Reading. This redevelopment journey will transform our site to provide more transparent, environmentally sustainable and welcoming spaces, opening us up to face the community and providing a wider range of facilities for Greyfriars, the community and our partners alike.

Construction is taking place in two phases. Phase 1 began in July 2020 and will be completed in September 2021 with the opening of the Atrium. Phase 2 will begin in August 2021 with the demolition of the existing Centre. We aim to complete delivery of the replacement Centre for Christmas 2022. On this website you can follow the story with regularly updated blog posts, read about the plans in detail and find out how you can get involved by giving to the project.

Unwrapping the future

The counters are fitted, chairs are being unwrapped, coffee shop appliances installed and branding mounted on the walls. Do check...
  • 19-10-2021
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    The furniture’s in!

    The Atrium is taking great shape! The toilets are up and running, soft furnishings are being delivered, empty shelves are...
  • 20-09-2021
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    Clearing the way

    The church centre has been knocked down and bricks cleared to make way for Phase 2: the new church centre....
  • 20-09-2021
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    Meet the team

    Left to right: Arash Shokhoui, Niloofar Shokouhi Rad, Thea Green, Rebekah Overton-Cox Arash Shokhoui - Bookshop Manager Arash and Niloo...
  • 17-09-2021
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    The Roof Crumbles

    On Tuesday 31st August the demolition team started to knock down the exterior walls and roof of the church centre....
  • 02-09-2021
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    The latest on site

    It has been a week of deconstruction and planting new life on site. See the latest news on site with...
  • 31-08-2021
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    Redevelopment prayer group

    Are you a prayer warrior? For years prayers have been spoken over the church; for church activities, those working on...
  • 25-08-2021
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    Progress on Phase 2

    Preparations to demolish the church centre: a timeline Preparations are well underway for Phase 2. Prior to the existing centre...
  • 23-08-2021
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    Join the Atrium team

    Seeking staff and volunteers for the Atrium The Atrium Coffee Shop and Bookshop will be launching in October and following...
  • 18-08-2021
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    An update on Phase 1

    Atrium takes shape but suffers critical delay Whilst the interiors of the Atrium have made good progress, and the external...
  • 30-07-2021
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    Sackville Street offices

    Huge progress has been made on site. Over the last month a small number of operational and administrative staff have...
  • 06-07-2021
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    Site tour

    It is an exciting day on site. With little over a month to go until the planned completion date for...
  • 25-05-2021
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    The Atrium plans

    (This article was first published in One Family magazine in April 2021) The new Atrium promises to be an open,...
  • 27-04-2021
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    Update Evening Catch Up

    As Phase One is in the last months of building, and phase two is granted permission, we held an update...
  • 26-03-2021
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    Update evening

    As work progresses at a pace with phase 1, and planning has been approved for phase 2 there is much...
  • 16-03-2021
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    The way in

    What a welcome will greet the people of Reading when we re-open. Here are a few pictures of the generous...
  • 09-03-2021
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    Latest progress images

    Every time we go to site something visually significant has progressed now. The roof is now on the atrium area...
  • 02-03-2021
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    Atrium update

    While the contractors continue at pace with the shell of the new buildings, the Redevelopment Team is working with experts...
  • 24-02-2021
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    Supporting history

    One of the most challenging parts of the project is nearly complete. The work to support the historic West End...
  • 11-02-2021
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    Latest phase 2 designs

    The Council’s planning team has now agreed, in principle, to support the revised designs for the outside of the new...
  • 05-02-2021
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    The journey to get to this moment has been a huge challenge that the developer has embraced with great determination...
  • 18-01-2021
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    Site manager, Sean Panther

    The many challenges that come with working on a listed building are being managed by the amazing site manager Sean....
  • 23-12-2020
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    Phase 1 takes shape

    Even with Christmas approaching, there's no stopping our contractors who have over the past few days built the steel structure...
  • 23-12-2020
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    Steels are up

    The skeleton of the building is really starting to take shape on site as the first of the steel beams...
  • 07-12-2020
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    Taking shape

    A big day on site yesterday as the concrete was poured to form the base for the new foyer. After...
  • 25-11-2020
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    Letter to the church

    This email was sent to the church on 14th November 2020: Dear church family, Following on from the redevelopment update on 4th November,...
  • 18-11-2020
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    Update session video

    Progress is well under way of Phase 1 of the redevelopment project. We are now very much turning our attention...
  • 12-11-2020
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    The vision for mission

    As we begin to look at phase two of the building project we wanted to lay out the vision for...
  • 25-10-2020
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    New Centre images revealed

    As we prepare for phase two of the project which tackles the part of the site currently occupied by the...
  • 21-10-2020
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    It's exciting to see activity levels really increasing on site now. The outline of the new Foyer starts to show...
  • 11-10-2020
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    10 months to go

    In many ways it doesn't look like much has changed on site over recent weeks, but that doesn't mean anything...
  • 01-10-2020
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    All One

    Work has continued a pace over the last few days. One of the most significant steps forward was the breakthrough...
  • 14-08-2020
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    West end… end

    This week we have said farewell to the old West End room as it is demolished to make way for...
  • 02-08-2020
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    As we head into week two of the building project the developers have moved from the 'soft strip' (taking up...
  • 29-07-2020
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    Work begins on site

    Today, Monday 20th, preparation of the site begins. The contractors, Ash, are at Greyfriars for their first day and are...
  • 20-07-2020
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    Project update evening

    With 4 days to go until work starts, we gathered online to share all the details of the project and...
  • 05-07-2020
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    Redevelopment begins this month

    After 20 years of praying, planning and preparing for redeveloping the site at Greyfriars, we are really excited that work...
  • 05-07-2020
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    Work goes on

    Our world may have changed dramatically over the last few months, but the vision that lies behind the Redevelopment project...
  • 16-06-2020
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