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Even with Christmas approaching, there’s no stopping our contractors who have over the past few days built the steel structure for the main foyer and link to Sackville Street. It’s amazing to see the scale of the space we are going to be able to use to reach out to our town.

The latest phase of the project is best described in pictures, so do scroll down for a selection of the latest from on site. Happy Christmas!

We start to see the scale of the space we will have available to welcome people into our building.
Looking across the top of Phase 1 from the Sackville Street
The space at the rear of Sackville Street which will house new toilets and offices.
Preparations to cut through the west end wall. The temporary steels will stop it collapsing during the works.
The link corridor between the foyer and the Sackville Street spaces.
Looking across the whole of the Phase 1 development.