New Hope

One family, two churches

On Sunday mornings you can join us at New Hope Community Centre. You can find us at 95 York Road, Reading, RG1 8DU and check our website if you need car parking information.

We meet as a church every Sunday at 10:30AM to worship God and grow in our faith by learning more about Him.

 Children and youth are welcome at all services! Our rhythm of worship looks different week to week.

1st Sunday of the month – Contemporary worship/preaching in the Sanctuary and SPIRITED (worship-dance group) in the Vault.

2nd Sunday of the month – Awake and Selah – new approach to all age worship.

Broken into two parts, Awake is specifically targeted for children to connect with Jesus. Selah is a reflective form of worship.

 3rd Sunday of the month – Holy Communion.

 4th Sunday of the month – Awake and Selah (as above).

5th Sunday of the month – Contemporary worship/preaching.

 Everyone is welcome! Refreshments are served in the Vault from 10.15AM, on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month.

We want you to feel at home and enjoy the service. If you have any questions call 0118 959 6534 or email us at, and we’ll be happy to help.