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Silence and serendipity through the storm: changing lives, sharing love

Hello lovely people, Since last Easter, we’ve waded through the pandemic days together and apart. Well done for making it through a year of tough change and lockdowns. Something that has really kept me a-float is the amount of creativity we’ve shared as a church family.

Art, flowers, photos, song, prayers, poems, anecdotes and dreams, diary entries, words of wisdom and humour have often lifted us and many of you have kindly sent them on to me to gather together.

We now have a 60-page collection of your written words- and it’s such a beautiful gathering of family hearts and minds – something so lovely emerging through the storms of this past year. 

So I’m just putting this final call out to any of you that may have been writing during this season… or might like to put pen to paper to add some words for this collection that we hope to get published later in 2021. 

Lent is an awesome time for reflection so perhaps let your imagination drift a little on paper as we look back over the past year. 

Your words don’t have to be clever, deep or upbeat – just reflections on where you are or where you’ve been or what you appreciate of life, hope and lament… they can be obviously Christian or not at all, little ditties or funny one-liners are also welcome!

We’re thinking that Easter would be a good time to begin the publishing process so please try to send your words to amy.cavender@greyfriars.org.uk by the 4th April. 
Thanks so much and God bless you through the storm

Amy, Curate New Hope

Here is a poem my daughter just wrote ‘I come from…’ to inspire you!

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