Worship and Creative

Worship and Creative

Worship and creativity is at the heart of who God is. All of creation was created for Him and His glory. Central to all we do here at Greyfriars and New Hope is a desire to use our creative gifts to contribute to the life and growth of the wider worshiping community. We long for hearts of integrity with a commitment to develop skills and shepherd others in a deeper relationship with Jesus.


We gather across three services each Sunday at Greyfriars, and one at New Hope.

As a church, we are eager to encourage those whom God has gifted in music and worship. We don’t insist on formal qualifications for joining a regular worship team, but we do look for: an indication of gifting and God’s call: a basic level of competence and potential; and a willingness to make a regular, reliable commitment.

Prospective members are asked to attend rehearsals for a number of weeks prior to any commitments being made.


Sound and visuals are vital to our worship at Greyfriars and are very much part of our worship team. Good balance and clarity of sound are essential for a congregation to worship God with meaning and understanding. Our visuals teams are equally leaders of worship, alongside our musicians and sound engineers. As a large majority of our songs, creative liturgies, images and vital information are shown on screen, in this aspect the worship team play a vital role in leading our congregation through the different components of our services.

Some technical awareness and ability is needed for these roles, though training will be given. A musical ear, focused mind and cool head are essential.

Creative Hub

Are you a ‘creative’? Do you enjoy expressing yourself creatively, exploring the arts and media and using your gifts, technical expertise and imagination to bring ideas to life?

Next year we’ll be launching the Creative Hub. The Creative Hub will operate across Greyfriars and New Hope as a community for people who want to express their faith in Christ though creativity – through art, music, writing, design, movement, media, images, production and more.

It will be a space to explore and learn together, to collaborate on creative projects, to nurture our God-given gifts, skills and talents, to build bridges with the local community, and to be a blessing to each other, to the church and to Reading at large.

The Creative Hub will meet once each month. There will be some time at the beginning spent all together (drinks, worship, prayer) and for the rest of the evening we’ll gather in our individual streams. Occasionally we’ll spend the whole evening together for prayer and worship or for a talk from someone to inspire us.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the Creative Hub and being part of what’s happening, then fill in the questionnaire at

Click to find out more about the Creative Hub

To know more about getting involved with our Worship and Creative teams contact Pete Willmot.

E: pete.willmot@greyfriars.org.uk
T: 0118 951 6713