School of Theology

Next date: Wednesday 22nd May at 7.45pm

Upcoming dates

22 May,  12 June,  19 June,  26 June,  10 July, 

School of Theology – Wednesdays 7.45pm -9.30pm

School of Theology is for Christians who want to go deeper in their faith. It is an eight week course with teaching from St Paul’s Theological Centre accessed via a streamed video service. We are committed to studying theology in the context of prayer and worship so will begin and end each session doing that. Each talk is an hour long, including short breaks for discussion and then there will be questions set for further group discussion.

Greyfriars Church, Wednesdays, 7.30pm (refreshments) for 7.45pm finishing at 9.30pm.

8 May – The World of the Old Testament – Steve Smith

15 May – Poetry – Jane Williams

22 May – Amos – James Halstead

12 June –  Wisdom – Graham Tomlin

19 June – The World of the New Testament- Chris Tilling

26 June – Matthew – Steve Smith

3 July – Philippians – Rachel Wooldridge

10 July – 1 & 2 Timothy – Jess Norman

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64 Friar Street