We have taken church online in this season where we are not allowed to meet physically. Make an opportunity to gather with the whole church, online, every Sunday at 10:30 with Family Worship from 10am.

We are also opening up a truly interactive space fortnightly, with Greyfriars Conversations on a Tuesday evening. A chance for you to hear from the church leadership, ask questions, and give you a starter for small group discussions.

You can join live on Zoom on Tuesday evening at 8 – Zoom – ID: 911-2254-8548. this is a webinar, so you won’t be on camera.

Upcoming dates: 14 July / 28 July

What church looks like

During this coming season of church life our buildings will remain closed for Sunday worship. However we are excited about what we believe we are called to as a church family.

On 14 July we are dedicating Greyfriars Conversations to discussing some of the thoughts and plans we have for what church looks like over the coming months.

We would love you to join us for that important evening.

Kingdom Come

On the alternate Tuesday evenings we are meeting for prayer and worship as a whole church in Kingdom Come.