The Project

Phase 1

Phase 2


The journey to get to this moment has been a huge challenge that the developer has embraced with great determination and skill. It’s the moment of breakthrough into the main church building.

To cut a hole in a wall is a challenge enough, but when it is through a 700-year-old listed wall that is over 1m thick, it’s a whole different challenge. The structure was supported by a specially designed temporary steel structure before the hole was cut.

This is the way that the new foyer and the main church will be connected. Below you can see the new hole, and what it will look like once it is all complete.

All in all a very exciting start to the week.

The developer has broken through the West End wall of the church.
A specially designed temporary steel structure was built to support the wall doing the breakthrough
Once complete this will be what the new hole will look like, as a main entrance to the church.