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While the contractors continue at pace with the shell of the new buildings, the Redevelopment Team is working with experts on the detailed design for the foyer area, to be known as the Atrium. 

We are now advertising for a Coffee Shop Manager and a Bookshop Manager, key roles in enabling this space to be used for equipping, resourcing and reaching out.  These individuals will help with the preparations for launch and eventually draw teams together to serve the wide range of customers, working as part of the ministry team at Greyfriars.  

In the design of the foyer, we are seeking to create a welcoming, flexible and practical space for ministry and customer service throughout the week.  We hope to be able to share more details soon on the design which is taking shape. 

The coffee shop will be outward-looking onto Friar Street and the town centre, while the bookshop aims to become the key Christian resource centre for the Reading area.  It is exciting to consider the potential for this integrated ministry space.  It is our desire that those who use it experience God’s love in word and deed, through the presence of God in his people gathered here