We are pushing into a time of rest over the summer, to help you engage with God over this time we’ve put together a list of at home resources to bring church to your home over the coming weeks.

Everywhere you see words highlighted in red below, that is a link that takes you to the content you need.

Summer festivals

Many of the summer season festivals are going online, and we’re keeping an eye on ones that you might love from home.

New Wine

As a church family we would normally be preparing to head to the New Wine summer festival. This year they are bringing it to us, with a week of online content, worship and teaching.

Find out more about ‘United Breaks Out’ on their website and in the video below.


The HTB network took the annual Focus festival online over the weekend of the Saturday 25 July – Sunday 26 July 2020. Jo Saxton, Archie and Sam Coates, and Nicky Gumbel were amongst the speakers, and worship from around the HTB Network.

Also they are setting up camp online for a day to celebrate young people (11-18 yrs) through Focus Alive. Catch up on both here.

Creation Fest

This year, instead of a field in Cornwall, the team are planning a series of TV-style shows that will take the best of what Creation Fest has to offer – and all that makes it unique – and condense it into six, half-hour (ish!) episodes to be aired weekly throughout July-August 2020.

Get involved here.


Greenbelt has gone all digital this year. The team are creating a growing library of all the content they’re sharing as part of #GBWildAtHome summer in 2020.

From livestream performance to reflective blogs; from archive talks to special artist features. Get involved on their website.

Fusion Conference

The student organisation Fusion, who we at Greyfriars partner with to serve students in our town, are putting on a conference in September.

They are inviting you for a time to gather and listen to God, pray and contend of a move of his spirit in the student world and hear some inspiring stories and insights from scripture for this unique time in history.

Sign up for free on their website.


The Convention is going online, and will run Monday 27 to Friday 31 July and be available to catch up afterwards. Join them for five days of encouraging Bible teaching and sung worship for all the family.

More details on their website.


There are some great resources for you to help your children to continue to engage with church at home over the summer.

We have put together a series of Sunday resources for you to use with the family over the summer, or at any point in the week.

Nick and Becky Drake are running a weekly children’s worship time. Head to their Worship For Everyone Facebook page to watch.

Bible Chat Mat: Is a resource to help people of all ages have conversations about the bible as a family. Find all the information on the Bath and Wells website.

Kids music: There are some great collections of children’s worship music available online, two of our favourites are the Hillsong Kids on YouTube and RendCo Kids.

Together at Home have produced some great worksheets for primary age children. You can download them to print at home on their Facebook group.

Greyfrairs Toddlers team are putting out a series of videos and resources, from craft videos, to singing and stories, plus lots of links those with Toddlers might find helpful. You can find them all on their Facebook Group.


Greyfriars Youth has created an online community to connect you into some great content. To get started all you need to do is sign up your young person online using the form found here.

You can check out our YouTube Channel and watch our welcome video here.

Our Youth Online will be focused on 3 areas:

Contact: Making sure that we have up-to-date contact and permission for young people, which can be done through this form.

Community: Creating small groups online where young people can virtually meet up and support one another whilst youth leaders are able to offer spiritual leadership and pastoral support.

Content: We will regularly produce content that will help young people in their walk with Jesus, which will be available on our YouTube Channel.

We have produced a Parent FAQ which you can download here.

Race Conversations

As a church we are committed to learning and acting together to increase equality at all levels and across all areas of society. We know there is so much more to be done, and so much more to learn, in particular around the subject of race.

We are having some public sessions and have also created a resource page online to help us all engage with this hugely important issue.

Daily discipleship

Youversion Bible app has hundreds of free reading plans including the Bible in One Year plan; How to pray with Pete Greig; and several to deal with fear and anxiety like this one from Tom Wright.

Bible Project have produced hours of content to help you understand the bible more.

Lectio365 from 24/7 Prayer has short daily devotionals which you can read or listen to.


To help you through those days at home we’ve created a couple of playlists of our favourite worship songs at the moment. There’s hours of the latest and some classics on our YouTube and Spotify playlists.

Going Deeper

If you find yourself with more time and would like to go deeper here are some resources that could help.

Biblical Training is a website that hosts free classes and courses on the Bible and theology.

BibleProject Classroom gives you access to graduate-level classes all for free.

Small Groups

These groups are still an essential part of our life as church. We are encouraging you to find ways to meet digitally online or on the phone. Here are some resources you can use to help you do that.

Fusion are offering Small Groups Online training. Six sessions for anyone with an interest in a small group, all free, and delivered via Zoom by two members of the Fusion team.

Facebook messenger: lets you start video calls within groups of up to 50 people. This could be an excellent platform for a weekly Small Group meeting with everyone in their own homes.

Zoom: A free Zoom account will allow you to connect with up to 100 others for up to 40 minutes. If you hit this time limit, you can end the meeting and start it again to go longer than 40 minutes.

WhatsApp: Many of you will already have WhatsApp groups for your Small Groups, but if not now might be a good time to set one up! WhatsApp is free to anyone with a smartphone, and as well as group conversations you can host video chats of up to 4 people.

FaceTime: If everyone in your Small Group is on iPhone, iPad or Mac, you can have Facetime video and audio conversations with up to 32 people.